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Turn boring parties into memorable ones with special treasure hunts for kids

Scavenger hunts always tend to make any event special and memorable. Especially when they are especially organized for kids who are brimming with energy and are always on the look out for something adventurous to do. Kids are sure to love it if their birthday parties are arranged with specific themes, let alone if their party includes a specially made treasure hunt for kids.

Although the treasure hunt idea is an old one, they have not lost their charm! With the addition of more innovative ideas and modern technology, parents around the world are bringing back the fun of treasure hunting for their kids to experience.

However, as the organizer of an event, remember that it is your responsibility to plan the treasure hunts out in a way that will be exciting, but also challenge all the children involved to develop personally; improving team-working, problem solving and planning (to win). For this, you will need interesting and fun scavenger lists.

So what do you need to do to make effective scavenger lists for kids? In the beginning you will need to pick a location and also the objects you want them to find, or photograph. However, once the location and items are chosen, your creativity can show through, as you work in challenges and activities to go with the clues of your hunt. Google can serve as a huge resource here, providing tips, suggestions for themes and some amazing activities. However, before you head to Google, take a look under our ‘About – How to’s’ tab for a MASSIVE list of ideas and of course, we provide you with fun ready-made downloadable scavenger lists for your convenience.

A wise idea is to collect a number of scavenger lists for various places and themes, as you can then mix and match them according to the occasion. You will have the freedom to add or drop out certain items, to fit the event you want to plan. This also means that you can include items that will be very hard to find in a different location to which the hunt was originally for. The main aim is to create an adventure that allows your kids to use their imaginations!

Each cherished moment will be full of fun, craziness, giggles, achievements and the feeling of being a part of a team. So, why not use your imagination a little to help create what could be the most wonderful evening of your kid’s childhood years.


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