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Bachelorette Scavenger HuntLooking for a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt List?

Girls just love to have fun, at least that is the saying and the song. It is true though, after a stressful week of studying or work, a lass needs to let her hair down and shake off the stresses that have latched on! This is the perfect time to head out on night of madness with a bachelorette scavenger hunt list.

An all girls scavenger hunt for adults is the perfect way to make a night out a bit more exciting, adding some extra challenges and creating hilarious photos. Bachelorette scavenger hunts are designed to be a little cheeky … literally! It actually doesn’t matter if someone if getting married, just wanting to have a laugh is a good enough excuse.

Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt List

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The Stagette Scavenger Hunt Plan:

Many of us like the idea of settling down, getting married, and buying a house somewhere in suburbia. But, even for those of us who think that sounds grand there’s still a certain tinge of longing that we retain for the single life. That’s why bachelor and bachelorette parties came into existence! They’re meant to be one last hurrah before the wedding. One last moment of freedom in which you hangout with your friends and you reminisce about the good old days. If you’re planning a bachelorette party want to avoid doing the same old stuff as everyone else then you might want to try hosting a stagette scavenger hunt or stagette photo scavenger hunt.

It would certainly be unique, wouldn’t it? Anyone can hire some dancers and take some shots and call it a bachelorette party, but you don’t have to be just anyone, do you? It isn’t hard to do something fun and unique!

Don’t Plan Your Own Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt List & Party

Before we get started on planning the bachelorette scavenger hunt list and activities we should make one thing clear: you shouldn’t be planning your own party. If you’re the bachelorette then hand this page over to someone else! It’s best to let the night be a surprise and it’s far more fun if you have no idea what’s coming. If you’re not the bachelorette and you’re in charge of planning things then we’re good to go!

Use Beloved Memories

When picking out what clues to use and what objects to plant, you should think back to the best nights out you’ve had with the bride to be. Pick the best memories that you have with them and find some physical representation. Talk to her other friends if you can and try to collect their memories too. The more the merrier, after all! Always adapt clues for your group.

Avoid painful memories and any mention of nasty exes they might have. Who wants to think about that stuff right before they get married? This should be a night of celebration, not misery.

Consider a Pub Crawl

If you live around a lot of bars and you’re comfortable walking from one to another then you can try and map out a pub crawl. Each place you visit can have an item or two from the hunt list. Try not to drink too excess and consider having at least one sober person on hand to stop things from getting out of control! This person could serve as a designated driver if and when necessary.

It’s best to pick places for the bachelorette scavenger hunt list that have significance to the bachelorette. Don’t pick some random bar or restaurant that she’s never been to! Pick instead the place where she met her soon to be spouse, or where the two of you have sent a lot of time together.

Remember not to pick too many different places, though, as you don’t want to be walking too much. The focus should be fun and as much of it as possible!

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