Photo Scavenger Hunts

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas


Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts are amazing fun for any age. Hell, adults like chocolate too! So, why not organize an Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt, or Easter Riddle Scavenger Hunt for friends of family this year.

Why not make this Easter a fun day out for your friends and family. Host your own Easter photo scavenger hunt challenge day! After all, it is the time of year when you can finally be outside, after months hiding from the cold. The fun challenges will create great photos of everyone involved, some to be laughed about for a long time to come.


Another great way is to have a traditional Easter egg hunt! A mix of chocolate Easter eggs, painted eggs, or even balloons (filled with the surprise of your choosing … custard can be very good fun!) can make this an exciting day. If you want, you can even offer small gifts. Taking this traditional approach, but then hiding them where Easter themed riddle scavenger hunt clues lead them to is great fun. Alternatively, have a traditional frenzy of a hunt, followed by riddle clues that hint as to where to find extra eggs or prizes. This approach makes the kids use their brains and really adds to the excitement of the day


Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

The ultimate time of year for an indoors adventure. It is a time for spending time having fun with the family, after all, everywhere is closed anyway.


So, why not make Christmas exciting by creating a present treasure trail! Hide those presents, or only allow them to be unwrapped once a photo scavenger hunt challenge is completed. When you see the clue is solved and/or a photo has been taken.


This can turn a 30 minute frenzy of opening presenting, into an exciting adventure that lasts hours. Add in a few challengers or dares to actually receive the gift and the possibilities are endless. You can run a scavenger hunt for friends at a party, your children for their gifts, or even as a romantic surprise for your partner. Why not download a Christmas Scavenger Hunt today!


Birthday Party Scavenger Hunts

Birthday Photo Scavenger Hunt list ideas

What a perfect time to take photos! There are two ways you can do this kind of scavenger hunt. For a single person (most likely your only child, or partner) you can hide a present or surprise at the location of each clue.


However, if you are planning a party, then a fun idea is to either have gifts for everyone, or hide the food for the party itself. The kids then hunt for random present or have to find all of the treats before the party begins. Obviously, this in itself turns into a fun party, which is then followed by the unwrapping of present, or pigging out on lots of goodies! It really helps to turn a normal birthday into something exciting and memorable!



Zoo Scavenger Hunts

Zoo riddle scavenger hunt ideas

A Zoo scavenger hunt is a fantastic hunt for kids or the whole family. Why, because:


1) The place is huge!

2) It is already exciting.

3) It can be educational and fun.

4) It helps you get value for your money, while learning something new.


As far as making it educational, clues can be used to “classifying” animals, making the players put the ‘clue’ photo into a category (like; mammals, fish, bird etc). You could also make the players categorize the zoo riddle scavenger hunt clue targets into countries of origin, or have to find another similar animal and explain why they think it is similar.


The whole event also leads to discussions about the animals, how they live and why the look certain ways. I remember doing this with my school; we all had a great time! So why not let your kids and a few friends try it, or even give it a go yourselves, as you still have to actually find the clues!!

Farm Riddle Scavenger Hunts

Farm Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This is another place that is great for an educational farm scavenger hunt. The clues point to common animals and equipment on a farm. However, it doesn’t need to stop there, as you can extend the challenge. Setting extra targets like explaining the use of each clue, or what the animals eat can make a huge difference to the depth of a hunt. Just be careful where you hide the clues and remember that pigs WILL EAT ANYTHING!

City Photo Scavenger Hunts Ideas

Town Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

City or town photo scavenger hunts spanning across the entire metropolitan area can lead to a whole day out! It is a great way to explore the city/town while trying to solve all the clues.


Thankfully, with mobile phones, teams can scatter across the city and be easily recalled when there is a winner with a simple phone call. Obviously, for younger children, we would recommend an adult go with each team. However, this can be fantastic fun for all ages, especially if it is a new city or you are on holiday! The photos and memories that you create will be very different from your normal city outing!

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt

Valentines Scavenger hunt ideas

Yes, I know that you don’t want to stay at home for Valentines. However, for those rainy weekends, special events (like proposals), or just as a nice easy surprises, an indoor Valentines treasure hunt rocks!


Imagine that you have just woken up on Valentine’s Day and there is a letter stuck to your door. A treasure is waiting for you, but first you have to solve these clever clues … can you complete the challenge!? Of course you can. So, off you go to take on the challenge. As you uncover small romantic prizes on the way, this is no longer an ordinary day. Of course, for the romantic soul that planned such a nice surprise, there are likely to be some nice rewards too.

Team Scavenger-Hunt Ideas

Team Scavenger-Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts work best for groups. However, to make things competitive, it is always a good idea to have teams compete. Divide the group into teams and set them 1 clue at a time. This is to prevent the teams from dividing up and gathering all the scavenger hunt clues simultaneously. For this, you need to have appropriate photo scavenger hunt list and possibly some dares too. The teams should also have a designated point for which to return to for the next clue, or they could be sent to the team via messaging once they have completed the task. To make it really mad, you can just give both teams all the photo challenges and set a time limit, the winning team being the first to finish, or the one with the most complete. To spice up your photo scavenger hunt, you can write additional challenges on the back of each clue, all of which must be completed before receiving the next clue or progressing further.

Alternatively, it can also work with riddle clues in a ‘treasure hunt’ style. But, to make this work you need to make sure that each team has different clues, otherwise they will all be looking for the same things. With riddle scavenger hunt clues, you just hide the next clue near each object of the hunt (clue one points to the location of clue two), so that each clue points roughly to where the next clue is. However, to do this style of photo scavenger hunt, you will need to split the clues into two lists, otherwise the other team will surely steal or hide the competitions clues – after all, you surely remember how competitive these team games can get! Another fun twist is to write one word of a clue/challenge on the back of all of the clues. Then when the team has all the pieces, they must reconstruct the challenge/clue and complete it first to WIN.


Solo Photo Scavenger Hunt List Ideas for Kids

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This is where you set everyone competing to finish on their own, or for those with an only child … they play solo. To organize this kind of scavenger hunt, the best way is to number the clues in different orders when you have other players. This means that the competitors head out to find completely different clues at the same time. It may also be worth setting different areas, or printing the clues on differently colored paper (to prevent cheating).


The fact that they all have to find all the clues and keep it secret from their competition makes this a long and fun way to play a photo scavenger hunt. You can of course just let them complete the clues in any order too, however this tends to lead to followers and thieves. If it is only one child playing a solo riddle scavenger hunt, then bonus prizes, time limits and clues that are very well hidden will help to keep things exciting. For setting times, don’t make it a win/lose scenario … as this is not fun. Time it yourself and then set realistic time bands for levels of prizes. Each band leads to a different prize. For example, 1-5 minutes equals a day at the zoo, 5-10 minutes equals an ice cream on the beach etc. etc.


Traditional Find and Seek Riddle Scavenger Hunts

traditional scavenger hunt

In the UK, this would normally be called a Treasure Hunt. With this style of game there is a ordered line of scavenger hunt clues hidden around the area. These clues each point to the next and eventually lead to the treasure! It can be played in the house, but is often better played outside, or in a large indoor playing area.

This style is normally setup as a riddle scavenger hunt, and can be played individually or in teams. You must make it a rule that the teams MUST NOT take the other teams clues. Then both teams get a starting card and race off to find the treasure. However, once again, dividing the cards for each team will make this more fun and prevents cheating. By this, we mean that you should use two completely different sets of cards.

Time Challenge Photo Scavenger Hunt – Ideas

Time challenge photo scavenger hunt

Setting a time limit can really sore excitement levels! There are a few options for this:

1) You can set a time and see who collects the most clues, the one with the most winning the game.

2) You set various time levels! This is best done with a bonus. Hence, if the challenge is completed within time level 1, they get the full bonus, time level 2 reduces to 75% of the bonus, time level 3 reduces to 50% and so on.

3) You can set a time limit for each photo scavenger hunt clue, meaning that they must stop hunting and change clues when the time runs out.

Obviously you can repeat missed clues, but the pressure (or appearance of pressure) makes it very exciting for participants.


Relay Races: Spice Up Your Scavenger-Hunt With Exercise

riddle scavenger hunt clues | Relay

This is a very simple twist on the treasure hunt theme, but can work well for two players and for teams of two. With this method, one person waits at the ‘relay line’ while the other races off to get the first riddle scavenger hunt clue, when they return with the clue, the next person races out for the 2nd clue, and so on and so on.


To add extra excitement, you can also add a challenge, dare, or obstacle course to each part of the relay, such as adding an apple-bob (where you must remove an apple from a pool using only your mouth). Adding such challenges can really help even things out, as anyone can be the winner with extra challengers like these adding a ‘random’ unpredictable excitement …. Such as when you are in the lead and just can’t grab that last APPLE!!! Aaaaagh


Pirate Photo Scavenger Hunt List Ideas for Kids

pirate scavenger hunt list ideas

All kids love Pirates! And let’s be honest, most adults secretly like them too! Treasure hunting is a fantasy activity for most kids, so why not bring it alive with a themed party.


The pirate themed photo scavenger hunt should be just one element of the party though, as when combined with movies, fancy dress, pirate food, fake battles, treasure maps, pirate ship tours (if one is near you) and then rounded off with a real pirate treasure hunt! It really makes for an exciting day. Of course, if you can stage this ‘on location’, even better! But, if there is no boat at hand, a beach or woodland area can provide a really fun atmosphere. This can also work great with traditional riddle treasure hunt clues. However, the authenticity can be heightened by writing the clues on cloth, maps, old paper etc. Kids just love this kind of party.


Use Your Own Ideas for Your Photo Scavenger Hunt Day

photo scavenger hunt list ideas

These are just a few of our ideas, but there is no reason why you can’t twist them or make your own. There are no strict rules to photo scavenger hunts or riddle treasure trails, just that they should be LOTS of FUN.



A photo scavenger hunt or riddle treasure trail adds extra excitement to almost any event. Just go to our pages, pick a hunt and download your clues:

Adult Scavenger Hunt Clues

Kids Scavenger Hunt Clues

A Few Additional Tips To Running A Successful Photo Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to setting up a photo scavenger hunt the key elements should be based upon the age group doing the activity. Moreover, making the challenges and clues not only enticing, but exciting can often bring about repeat requests for events. For that reason, if you’ve been struggling with new ways on putting together your photo scavenger hunt, we encourage you to read on to learn some tips, we will try to help you jump-start your next event.

When planning out your scavenger hunt clues, taking the time to prepare them for the right age group and to use them to lead the participants into other fun activities, without feeling overwhelmed. However, you don’t want to make the additional challenges too easy either. Consider asking the group of players what they enjoyed about the event.

At the same time, if this is your first event, then you will have to stick to being creative in nature in order to come up with your own scavenger hunt twists. Alternatively, you could set up a suggestion box a few weeks before the event takes place and encourage your game players to help you put together unique spins on the photographic evidence to be collected. Keep in mind, that the time length will often help too with determining how many picture scavenger hunt list items should be included and how crazy the challenges can get.

Therefore, if the photo scavenger hunt is going to last for approximately one hour, then having a short list with clues, and riddles will suffice. However, if, on the other hand, you want it to carry on for a few hours or an entire day, then making the scavenger hunt riddles more challenging with additional dares and challenges would be the ideal approach to take. That said, before putting any of these clues together, the person responsible should first determine if their photo scavenger hunt will be outdoors, or indoors.

Where to hold the photo scavenger hunt? If, you’re going for an outdoor beach photo scavenger hunt event, for example, then making up twists to match the location will be the key. With picture scavenger hunt ideas focused around the beach area, or nearby facilities, participants won’t need to stray too far.

There should always be a team leader inside of each group that can appropriately take photos and rile up members. Therefore, when determining how to pair participants, be certain that younger children in each group will at least have one old enough team leader inside of it to complete the list correctly.

The final step will be prizes. Now, in order to determine who the prizes will be awarded to, there should be a point system set up along with the rules. This way, it will be easier to tally who earned what at the end of the photo scavenger hunt, and be able to give out the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes accordingly.

Equally important, the person in charge could always give out an overall small award for all those who participated. Just this little extra step can help to make all guests feel good, and provide a “no one left out” type of event. Moreover, this gesture will undoubtedly help to encourage those team players to want to participate again soon for certain.

We hope we have sparked your interest in not only, taking part in this fun, and exciting activity, but also to actually include some of the ideas in your next party or get-together.

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