Photo Scavenger Hunts

About Us:

We are bringing back the old tradition of family and friends enjoying treasure hunt parties, but …. with new and modern twists. Many of our scavenger hunts are themed, so that they can fit almost any kind of party you are planning. Whether it be Christmas, Easter or little Tommy’s birthday, we have a ready-made scavenger hunt for you.

However, as there is no need to wait for an event to arise in order to have a fun, as we have also developed scavenger hunts for specific locations. This means that you can have a ready-made scavenger hunt to use at any time of the year. We have tried to cover as many fun places and situations that we could think of. Right now, you can get all of our FREE scavenger hunts for children or adults. We no longer charge for these (donations and social shares appreciated).

So, how are we different from the rest? Well, the traditional hunt has been updated with digital photography, team building, relay games and many more twists (see our Scavenger Hunt Ideas page). To keep things interesting, we provide photo scavenger hunt clues (fun photo challenges for teams) and riddle scavenger hunt clues (riddles that hint at objects) – as these can be used as a treasure hunt style event, or mixed with fun challenges to create crazy photos. For example, a riddle clue could hint at a pizza ‘and the challenge ‘to playful bite’ … meaning the team has to find a pizza, and get a photo with the entire team biting it!

Surely you have some memories of at least one treasure hunt from your child hood!? Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t something exciting, we wouldn’t remember it. That’s how much fun treasure hunting can be. Scavenger hunts are fantastic way to build friendships, encourage teamwork, develop problem solving skills and inspiring a little healthy competition.

Ready to pick your clues: Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues and Riddle Hunt Clues