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Guy Fawkes Scavenger Hunt

Guy Fawes Scavenger Hunt

Guy Fawkes is a time of year when there is a buzz in the air, and many bangs too. Children and adults alike love the atmosphere, huddling around fires in the evening and watching firework displays.

However, in the daytime it is hard to keep the children entertained, as they are desperate for Guy Fawkes games and events to begin. This year, why not send them out on an awesome Guy Fawkes scavenger hunt.

Guy Fawkes Riddle Scavenger Hunt

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Guy Fawkes Riddle Scavenger Hunt

Guy Fawkes night is celebrated in Britain on the 5th of November every single year. The history and fun of the ceremony is also celebrated all over the world. Fireworks displays and bonfires are experienced in many different locations throughout the world and they are all to celebrate the burning of Guy Fawkes back in the 1600’s. Because the event has become an annual tradition in many locations, there have been reasons to bring the family together for good times, good eats and family fun games all while waiting for the night to come so they can enjoy a nice bonfire and various fireworks displays. The story is a good one and has plenty of history surrounding it, but we are all about the fun had by the entire family.

Until the time when it is dark enough to enjoy a nice bonfire, there are plenty of hours to enjoy some family fun games. If you do not know how to keep the kids busy throughout the day, why not set them up with a fun scavenger hunt. We have instructions and fun clue sets for sale right now that you can download in PDF format in order to allow the fun to begin at any time. The riddle challenge scavenger hunt covers things like King James 1, Bonfires, Gunpowder, Fireworks, Explosives, Guy Fawkes, Sparkler, Parliament, Basement/Cellar, Letter, Mustache, Great Britain, Mask and Barrels. All of the items are included in the riddle scavenger hunt clue packs.

For only $4.99, you can get the PDF download that has everything you need to make a fun day while celebrating Guy Fawkes. One way that you can use the Guy Fawkes scavenger hunt clue packs is to set up the scavenger hunt inside and around the outside of your home before everyone else arrives. That way, you can present the clues to the members that want to give the scavenger hunt a try and all of the will be in place already. This will save you setup time and allow others to get right into having fun.

As with all of our scavenger hunt clue packs, they are available in a PDF download and are divided into easy to cut out clues. This makes it easier for your to randomize the clues and pass them out to the teams that are going to participate in the Guy Fawkes scavenger hunt. Get all of those together, explain to them the rules of the scavenger hunt and pass out the clues. You can assign various points to each of the clues allowing any players to gain points even they can only find one of the items based on the clues. Children will find the riddle scavenger hunt a very good time and they can even learn a little history at the same time. Because Guy Fawkes happened so long ago, it is not easy to keep the attention of those you are trying to teach about the event.

As a teacher, you can use this type of scavenger hunt to get your students interested and involved in history at the same time. Guy Fawkes is celebrated in many different places and each of them has their own type of festivities that have people enjoying the entire day. Guy Fawkes might have wanted to blow things up back in 1605, but that does not mean it is a historical event that you cannot learn from. In London, bonfire night, is celebrated with a huge fireworks display reminding everyone of that day in history. Many will actually take a fake “Guy Fawkes” and set him on the bonfire after they get it started to represent the arrest of “the guy” on November 5th, 1605. Even to this day, the basement levels of the Houses of Parliament are searched by the Yeoman of the Guard before each State of the Opening Parliament.

* Items/Pictures covered by this Guy Fawkes scavenger hunt are:
King James 1, Bonfires, Gunpowder, Fireworks, Explosives, Guy Fawkes, Sparkler, Parliament, Basement/Cellar, Letter, Mustache, Great Britain, Mask, Barrels.

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