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Planning for an Easter Scavenger Hunt

Planning for an Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter (and all the festivities it brings) is coming up very soon! All the children will be ecstatic to find the hidden Easter eggs put all over the yard, park or wherever. And you want the hunt to be a great one, but first…you’ve got to plan it out! Here are a couple of suggestions to help you set up your fun Easter egg scavenger hunt!


Great looking, efficient invitations are very important! If your invitation doesn’t have all of the right information on it or looks very messy, it will be difficult for your guests to get properly prepared for the party! For many Easter egg hunts, you want to keep a handful of things secret. To keep the element of surprise, but still excite your guests, you can simply tell them what to bring or wear, but not the details of the hunt.

Keep the invitations short and colorful (if you like) and tell everyone that this scavenger hunt is the one they definitely don’t want to miss!


Before any Easter scavenger hunt, you want to make sure both the host and egg-hunters have everything they need for a successful time. You will definitely need the following:

  • Easter eggs (plastic ones or even just things shaped like eggs will work. Get creative!)
  • Scavenger Hunt Rules
  • Items to find/required things to do
  • Bags for the children to find eggs (unless making bags is a part of your party!)
  • Candy to fill eggs if applicable!


While you don’t need many rules for a scavenger hunt, you want to make sure everything is safe and fair. The rules should be clear and explained to the egg hunters before the game. It wouldn’t hurt to type/write the rules out and give everyone a copy, either. Make sure it is explicitly stated that everyone’s property should be respected. No stealing eggs, no shoving, pushing,etc. The rules should just the basics of safety and respect, essentially. Of course, you can add more if you feel it is necessary, too.

With all of the above, our photo or riddle clues, plus a bit of creativity, you’re sure to host the best Easter egg scavenger hunt yet!


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