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Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are some among us who can effortlessly jot down idea after idea, but for most of us brainstorming is not so easy. Thankfully we have the internet to help kick start our imaginations. So if you need help coming up with photo scavenger hunt ideas then you have come to the right place!


It isn’t too hard to come up with the ideas that you need once you have a few jumping off points. Here we will cover the basic concepts of photo scavenger hunts and how you can alter those concepts to fit your situation.



Fundamentals of Photographic Scavenger Hunts


Photo scavenger hunts often come in one of three varieties: those that require players to take photos in order to win, those that use photos as the items to be found, and those that use photos to give the players clues about what they are supposed to retrieve. All three have their merits and negative aspects, but all three also lend themselves to a plethora of photo scavenger hunt ideas.



Leaving a Picture Trail


Suppose you wanted to use photographs as part of the clues for your photo scavenger hunt, but you fear being too obvious by directly photographing whatever it is you wish the players to find. This is not a problem if you use the photographs creatively! Instead of photographing whatever it is you wish to lead the player to you can photograph the area it will be placed in without the object itself. This way the player will know what to pick up by noticing what is not present in the image.



Alternatively, you can use a combination of images and textual clues. You can begin with a text clue that leads to an image of the object to be collected, which in turn will allow the player to collect said object. By doing this you are effectively breaking down each list objective into two searches, which extends the game by a substantial amount.



This is one of the greatest photo scavenger hunt ideas around because of how it allows you to conserve resources! With this method you do not have to worry about selecting as many objects to hide because each one will take longer to find. It is also possible to cut out the textual clues entirely and to have one image lead to another, which leads to another, and so on, and so forth.



This picture trail could either lead to one item or many, or perhaps none at all! A sort of winners’ location can be a perfectly suitable place to lead players, and you can always reward whomever gets there first with a prize to give the players some incentive! This way you do not need to hide anything what-so-ever. You simply need to keep the location of the finish line a secret.



Coming Up With More Ideas


If these ideas have not helped to jog your creative process then try to come up with some of your own by examining photographs that you like! Think about what makes them interesting to you and how you might take these qualities and apply them to a photo scavenger hunt.

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