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Photo Scavenger Hunts Make The Mall Fun For Kids!

We’ve all been there: it’s time to go shopping and you have to bring the kids along. But, a trip to the mall doesn’t have to be boring or frustrating!


You can use a well planned scavenger hunt to turn your routine mall crawl into a cherished memory for the whole family. Alternatively, this can make a great fun day out that isn’t expensive. Just because you are in a mall, doesn’t mean you have to spend lots to have a good time.


Our NEW Mall scavenger hunt photo challenges are online now below, just click the blue link:


Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenges for Kids

Mall – Kids:  We’ve all been there:  it’s time to go shopping and you have to bring the kids along. But a trip to the mall doesn’t have to be boring or frustrating! You can use a well planned scavenger hunt to turn your routine mall crawl into a cherished memory for the whole family.

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