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Seaside Scavenger Hunt

Seaside scavenger hunts can be an absolute blast. These beach scavenger hunts get everyone outside for some simple and healthy fun. Visiting the coast is something that is always popular with kids and adults alike, but making it interesting for children once you’re there can sometimes be challenging.

Hence, for the next trip to the seaside, consider trying our seaside scavenger hunt clues. These treasure hunt clues for kids are always designed as fun rhyming riddles, making the hunt both challenging and enjoyable. The puzzle and the race causes quite a buzz; our carefully selected beach scavenger hunt items are sure to keep the little ones entertained for quite a while! Our seaside photo scavenger hunts are even easier to organize, as they are ready made lists of insanely funny photographic team challenges. This style has become very popular, as they always produce plenty of laughs and awesome photos to share with friends and family.

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Seaside scavenger hunts are fun for the whole family

In this article we are going to cover many things including what you need to consider when setting up a photo scavenger hunt, what you need to participate and the places that you can get the ideas for your outdoor scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts have been around for many, many years, but with the advancement in technology they have become a little different to a traditional treasure hunt.

Back in the day you might remember your family having a scavenger hunt on their property during a family cookout. The “hunt” consisted of a list of items that you might have had to run around the neighborhood to find. The more items that you found, the more point you go and the closer you were to winning the hunt. Today, you can have photo scavenger hunts and they are easy to start, as most of the time they just require that you have a photo challenge list of things for teams to do and capture on camera.

Seaside scavenger hunts can be exciting and beautiful at the same time

Going to the beach is almost always a good experience for anyone involved, especially when the weather is cooperating. Getting together to do a seaside scavenger hunt with friends can be very fun and exciting! Getting outside and soaking in the sun is great for everyone. Here are a few things that you should consider when setting up a seaside scavenger hunt.

There are many types of hunts that you can do, but the most popular today include photo scavenger hunts and riddle scavenger hunts. Just like the name suggests, a photo scavenger hunt is one where you are given a list of photographic goals to accomplish and the photos are going to be the evidence. With a riddle type of scavenger hunt, you are going to get a list of riddles that will give you clues as to where to find the items that are on the list. These can be very fun, but a little more difficult for younger participants so keep that in mind.

Decide where you are going to have a seaside hunt and make sure that everyone that you have on your invite list knows where that is. Going to the beach leaves a lot of options when it comes to places that you can meet up and talk about the hunt. Are you going to have the hunt down on the beach and include the water? How about in a park nearby and all of the items are located in a very small area? These are the types of things that you can consider during the setup process.

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Seaside scavenger hunt ideas

If you are not having an easy time when it comes to coming up with seaside scavenger hunt ideas, you could look on the internet for ideas (or just go to our scavenger hunt ideas page). Your hunt can be built off the idea and since any hunt can be completely customizable, the sky is the limit for your ideas. In the end, the goal is to get groups of people out of the house and having a great time together.


The main things you will need when planning a seaside photo scavenger hunt


Think about the complexity of the Seaside Scavenger Hunt Clues as well

If you have it for all ages, make sure there are easier items for the children and harder items for those that want a little more of a challenge

As it was mentioned earlier, you are going to want to explain that your participants are going to be getting photos of things during the outdoor scavenger hunt. No need to bring something along to carry the items in. Getting creative can be the best part of the entire process!

Some of the items that you might want to consider putting on your list include, a group photo with someone famous, a fast food worker, dog on the street, photo of a red truck, a big tree that is in the area and even a photo of someone that is dressed up for a night on the town. The sky is the limit and that means you can add any number of ideas to your list. You might even ask others for help deciding on things you can scavenge for.

A riddle scavenger hunt is similar, but this time around you are not going to be given the items outright on a list. Instead, you are going to have to solve riddles in order to find the item that is in question. With either of the different types of scavenger hunts you should set a time limit so that team members are just wondering around the area for most of the day. This adds to the challenge element and can create a good amount of team building as people are aware they have a time limit.


Places you can hide outdoor scavenger hunt clues

If you are looking to get very creative with your scavenger hunt, there is one element that you can incorporate into your activity. Giving team members clues as to where they are going next or what they should be looking for gives them a chance to really use their heads to complete the hunt. Having the clues out in the air allow all teams to get the same chance at getting all of the items crossed of the list. You could hide clues in the clothes of those that are playing, in bushes nearby or even inside a car that was used to drive someone to the scavenger hunt.


Let’s not forget about the seaside scavenger hunt rules

All team members must follow the rules that are setup a head of time. The rules might include the ages (might depend on the difficulty of the hunt), location, time limit, ways to gather the items and whether all photos have to be on the same camera or memory card. Keep the rules simple and allow for all team members to have the same chance of winning and participation. It does really matter what coast you live on and it should not be a main factor in deciding where you are going to hold the hunt and what times are included.


Outdoor scavenger hunt

Back In the day when I was little, I loved to play scavenger hunts with my cousins. Most of these would be easy items that you CAN find, but it will take you a while. However, now these can then be combined with photo scavenger hunt challenges too. Did you ever participate in an outdoor riddle scavenger hunt? If I was the one setting up the family outdoor scavenger hunt, I would make it a two part process. This way, children and adults can be in the same boat when it comes to finding the winner.


Outdoor scavenger hunts can be hard to predict

The weather plays a role in anything that you do outside and things that you have hidden might be taken by strangers without knowing they you are currently on the hunt for that item and this is why things can be hard to predict. It might seem like a lot to plan, but if you have all of your ducks in a row, the seaside scavenger hunt that you plan will go off without a hitch and could be very popular amongst all those that participated.

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