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Whether you are a teacher in your home country, or experiencing another culture teaching EFL overseas, using a list of school scavenger hunt clues is a great way to break free of the classroom routine for a day. These fun school scavenger hunt riddles will make organizing your day an absolute breeze and the kids will love them.


 We also offer plenty of fun and active ideas for your school scavenger hunt on our ideas page, it really covers lots of great ways to help you get the most out of your day.

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School Scavenger Hunt Ideas for How to Get Students Excited About Their School Scavenger Hunt Day

When teachers want to get their students excited about their educational surroundings, doing a school scavenger hunt can be the ideal activity. Ensuring that you have certain items within the event will prove to be essential to creating an overall success for those who participate. With that said, we wanted to create this article to help our readers come up with definite ways to ensure they are using ideal scavenger hunt clues for their students, so read on to learn about them today.

When teachers create a school scavenger hunt, they can easily entice their students to learn, while still having fun. Teaching the same basic fundamentals will not always click for every child. We all know that at times the English language can be very challenging.

However, when the teacher sets up their scavenger hunts involving school riddles, it can help students to remember certain elements, without even realizing it. Moreover, the children can also become involved with helping to create the school scavenger hunts.

It does not have to be complicated in order to get the students involved. The teacher can start out with suggesting they find certain items in the classroom, or they can take it further into other areas of the school. Before introducing the game, the students and teacher should set up a brain storming session to help them outline the rules and what all will be involved. Additional twists and challenges can also be added at this time.

Keep in mind, that since the school scavenger hunt clues will be used as learning tools to help the students with their English language lesson, the theme might be better if it involves clues pertaining to that lesson at hand. Nevertheless, while we used language as our example, the scavenger hunt clues could be just as easily done for other curriculum lessons, like social studies, history, or math. These hunts are also ideal to set up as a way to welcome students back to school, by letting them use the school scavenger hunt game to explore the school grounds and locate the clues the teacher has set up in advance for them. This can be a great ice breaker and team builder.

Don’t overlook the prizes. These should be coordinated to match the student’s grade level and the amount of clues they need in order to obtain each. Even points or small rewards can act as wonderful motivators.

If you want to have a funny school scavenger hunt, or are thinking of setting up a school riddle scavenger hunt, then you might find our package deals ideal to assist you and our ideas page will make the activity great fun for all!

We hope that after reading this article it has helped our educators to take this approach more often with their students in their learning environments.

* Items that these school scavenger hunt clues cover are:

Fire alarm, Already chewed gum, Garbage can, Principal’s office, Soccer ball, Swing, Water fountain, Tree, Fence, Dictionary, Library, Crayon, Globe, Nurse’s office.