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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt List

Road Trip Scavenger Hunts are a great way to break up any journey, or even turn the journey into an exciting adventure ...

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt 

A road trip can be fun at any time of year. Sometimes it is just to get to a holiday destination, or for the adventure of setting out on an unplanned journey. Whatever the reason, a road trip scavenger hunt can help to make the journey itself more enjoyable.

As many car journeys include a mix of children and adults, this road trip road trip scavenger hunt list includes photo challenges for both kids and adults. Depending on the ages and maturity levels (let’s be honest, adults like to act like kids sometimes), some clues could be used for both groups … you decide. So, why not head out on a road trip scavenger hunt today?


Road Trip Scavenger Hunt List for Adults & Children

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