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A night on the town is often hard to make unusual. The lad’s night is a weekly event and the normal haunts and activities get slightly warn over time. 

A lads scavenger hunt for adults can be made far more challenging by combining dares with the clues. A simple challenge of “Wear this on your head” can make things harder if the challenge pulled out of the bag is to get a photo of a lady’s ‘upper pillows’, or even ‘man’s best friend’ … imagine that photo!

Just scroll down below the clues for more scavenger hunt ideas.

Lads Night Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenges

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Lads Night Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you are part of a large group of friends that like to get together for events each week, then you know how tough it can be to find something to do that everyone will enjoy with hopes that the entire night is worth remembering. Even though you might have thought that scavenger hunts were only for children, there are many ways that you can set one up to be just as fun for adults. Our Lads Night Riddle Scavenger Hunt is one that will have your mind going a thousand miles an hour trying to put the riddle clues together to see if you can solve it. Team up with your friends to get help and see if you can have all of the riddles answered by the end of the night.

Because we just provide you with the list of clues that might guide you to the riddle answer, they can be customized for any type of person. Try taking our clue list and combine the ones listed with dares that will make the clues even more interested and harder to accomplish. Most adults, especially lads, are up for a challenge and if you are adding the element of a dare to it, many will step up to the plate and give it a try just for the bragging rights alone. If you take one of the clues and add something daft like “put this up a woman’s shirt” to it, you can just imagine the fun and humor that will come from that mixed with the actual object, not to mention the photo possibilities to share with your friends on social media. Both the photo challenge and riddle scavenger hunt are available for PDF download and are designed specifically with plenty of room to cut them out.

Do you have a bachelor party coming up and are the best man looking for ways to keep the night interesting? Purchase the Lads Night Riddle Scavenger Hunt Clue Pack for just $4.99 and let the party begin. Remember that you can adjust and customize the fun based on the personality of your friend that is getting married, so do not be afraid to toss out the rule book and have a blast. Most of the time, it is quite the tradition to humiliate or embarrass the bachelor on his last night of “freedom” so keep in mind that anything goes. Taking our riddle clues and photo challenge clues can make for a very fun night with all of the adults. You might end up acting like children, but in the end, the amount of fun that the Lads Scavenger Hunt brings you will be well worth it.

Do you have mostly male siblings or a family reunion planned anytime soon? This would also be a great time to break out the scavenger hunt clue packs and give it a go. The more people you can get involved the better it will be for everyone. Gather everyone up in large teams and see what you can accomplish with the photo challenge clue list, which provides you a list of challenges that need to be photographed in order to get points. Unlike the riddle clue pack which guides to you specific items, the photo challenge pack gives you an item that you have to find and photograph at the same time. With all of the smartphones out there today, the photo challenge scavenger hunt can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Even if you do not have a smartphone, when you play with teams, you only need one smartphone.