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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults

Halloween Scavenger Hunt CluesHalloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Halloween is a fun for adults too! It is a time when adults get to live out fantasies, escape normality and pretend to be someone, or something else! This is why a Halloween scavenger hunt can be so much fun for adults too. Our Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues are intended to make organizing an event easy.

Just in case your imagination needs a kick-start, we’ve also created a helpful scavenger hunt ideas page. It is loaded with great twists for traditional riddle scavenger hunts and modern photo scavenger hunts.

Below the clues are also several ways to make your Halloween scavenger hunt more fun …

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues and Ideas

When you’re getting ready to create your next Halloween photo scavenger hunt, or your next Halloween scavenger hunt party, you might be interested to put into practice some of our helpful tips we have put together here for our readers. While it does take a bit of planning out the type of Halloween event you’re wanting to have, the results can be tremendous for any age group. With that being said, continue to read on how you can include riddle clues, silly extra events that can be fun, costumes, and a theme of pure Halloween.

Now is the time to get started on putting together all your activities. First off, you will want to decide if the scavenger hunt is going to take place outdoors, or indoors, so that you will know ahead of time where your going to be placing plenty of clues for your guests to locate. Keep in mind, that these types of events can easily be taken indoors if the weather is not in your favor on the day that your hosting your Halloween scavenger hunt party, you just might have to adjust the amount of clues.

The first type of event you can do for your guests can be setting up a Halloween riddle clue scavenger hunt for them. These types of clues include riddles that point towards objects, but can include added effects like slime and other ghoulish things to create the entire theme of Halloween. It should lead those guests that find all the clues to a hidden treasure, which can either be a large candy stash, or whatever prize you want to incorporate.

Another great type of game that has become very popular as a Halloween event is to have a Halloween photo scavenger hunt. With this type of game it will be ideal to ensure to ask everyone your going to bring along their digital cameras (or mobile phones with cameras are fine too). Challenges will be wild and fun, creating amazing photographs. They can be tricky, or even cheeky, to complete … but, everyone will have fun trying.

Be certain that you set a time limit for when they all must successfully completed. This way there is a sense of urgency in order to complete the most photos/riddles within that certain limited amount of time. For photo hunts, it can then be judged on the number of photos, or teams could be awarded points for the awesomeness of each photo – the highest total points being the winning team.

In addition, there should be different rules for the games depending on the age group of those participating. Typically you should try to pair your guests up into groups of 3 or 4, so that it will be easier for them to complete the game, and also be able to then keep an eye out for those who are younger playing in the game too. If, your going to be getting everyone into groups then we would suggest that you use abstract subjects for some of the photos and objects, so that they can’t just follow each other.

Once all photos have been completed, or the time ran out, it’s time to declare a winner. Once you have determined who completed all the tasks on the list, you can reward them with a prize, or small trophy as a remembrance of their participation in your Halloween photo scavenger hunt. The prizes can be awarded based upon age group, and don’t necessarily have to be expensive. It is also a good idea to share all the photos from a photo scavenger hunt.

We hope that by reading our article here today, it has helped to spark some new ideas for your next event to make it a spectacular party. You can surely bring about a lot of fun, and create memories for those who participate in these games that will last long after the holiday has passed.

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