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Fun City Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues

City Scavenger Hunt Clues

City Scavenger hunt cluesCity photo scavenger hunts can be organized across a big city or even a small town; often leading to an all day adventure!

It is a great way to explore the area, while trying to solve all the clever riddle scavenger hunt clues or city photo scavenger hunt lists that are full of fun (and tricky) challenges. These lead to funny stories and even funnier photos.

Why not consider scavenger hunting around NYC or a city near you. Thankfully, with mobile phones, teams can scatter across the urban landscape and be easily recalled when there is a winner.

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Riddle Clues for a City Scavenger Hunt

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The above town/city scavenger hunt lists of clues are fun! They are an great way to make a boring day become full of laughs and to make a normal holiday an adventure. The clues encourage participants to explore their surroundings and to work as a team.

Split everyone into teams. Ideally 10+ people works best to allow for reasonable team sizes. Ban the use of cars and bikes, as it is more of a challenge (and adventure) to force teams to use public transport, such as subways, trains, buses, trams, etc..

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Make sure each team has a digital camera with a good battery life, or a spare battery. Actually, it is safer for each team to have more that one camera. To avoid flat batteries, of your participants and devices, a time limit can be a good idea.

Provide each team with their list of things they need to complete (clue sets are above). In addition to the list of challenges, you should also give a deadline (usually one to four hours from the start time works best). Each team can have a color theme too, such as using colored bandannas for each teammate. Consider equipment and phone apps required. As teams may need navigation help, compasses, money, transport cards etc.

The first team to find or video/photograph everything on their city scavenger hunt list wins! If none of the teams finish their lists, then the team that achieves the most points is the winning team. For this, a point system needs to be agreed at the start. Obviously, harder city photo scavenger hunt challenges deserve more points.

When the city scavenger hunt is over, share the pictures that were taken, or the funny videos created with all the members. These can make for great mementos.

Don’t forget to make sure everyone follows the city scavenger hunt rules and puts safety first. Obviously, for younger children we recommend an adult to accompany each of the town scavenger hunt teams. Enjoy your day out in the city!

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