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- christmas2 Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues 1Time for a Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

Christmas is amazing. It starts off great fun. However, often there are times at this time of year when we run out of conversation, the kids are bored, or the TV is just rubbish. You want to spend time having festive fun with the family, but as everywhere is closed at this time, it often leaves at least few days at home. So, why not make Christmas exciting this year by creating a present treasure trail with our Christmas riddle scavenger hunt!

Our FREE Christmas scavenger hunt list can turn a 30 minute frenzy of opening presents, into an exciting adventure that lasts.

The Christmas photo scavenger hunt clues are designed to create memories with fun photographic challenges for pics of the family and friends doing daft things.

If you are lacking ideas, just scroll down below the clues …

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids

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Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues for Adults

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Christmas Riddle Scavenger Hunt Clues

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Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues – Use Ideas

It has been an early winter with temperatures dipping into the lower teens and plenty of snow on the ground already. Suffering from cabin fever knowing there are a few months left to go and your entire family is set to arrive for Christmas any day now. What do you have planned for the occasion will keep your family busy and not thinking about the harsh winter months ahead? You and I both know that keeping children busy when it is too dangerous to play outside can be a tough task to take on, but we just might have the right thing for you to consider. What about Christmas themed riddle or photo challenge scavenger hunts? That’s right, you can purchase our easy to use clue packs and set your family on a Christmas adventure they will not forget.

When the conversation dies down and the TV has nothing to offer you during the long winter months, you can spend some extra time with the family participating in the Christmas riddle scavenger hunt. Our Christmas scavenger hunts are available in PDF format with easy to read clues and they are also designed to be easy to cut out. Take the clues, cut them from the single piece of paper and have team members choose from the pile. The more clues they can figure out, the more points they get. You could even use the clues as a way to decide who gets to open gifts first. You can split large families up into even groups and they can all play along together as they try to figure out what the clues mean. Clues in the Christmas pack include Tree, Star, Train, Cookies, Candles, Nutcracker, Wreath, Lights, Stocking, Presents, Santa, Reindeer, Christmas ornaments, Tree Decorations and Bells. This gives you plenty of variety and a couple of different ways that you can customize the entire experience.

The Christmas photo scavenger hunt works in a similar way, but instead of answering the clues and finding the items the elude to, you are finding the items and taking quick photos of it. Since most family members have a smartphone or smaller camera, the photo challenge has never been easier.

Another way that you can use the clue pack is to make the clues lead to where you have smaller presents hidden throughout the house. Put the presents near where the answer to the clue is, like near a plate of cookies, and when the child finds the cookie plate, they will see the gift there as well. Normally, once the presents are being handed out, there isn’t very much time between when a child get the present to when the present is ripped open. The next thing you know there is a large pile of paper covering the floor and you wonder where the Christmas family time went. Using one or both of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt ideas that we have for sale here will allow that special holiday family time to be extended, if even for an hour.

We know that it is not easy to keep everyone happy, busy or even awake during long family gatherings and that is why we created the scavenger hunts for adults and children. You may also want to check out our Mall Scavenger Hunt, Halloween Scavenger Hunt and our Scavenger Hunts for Adults.

*Items/Pictures covered by our riddle Christmas scavenger hunt are:

Tree, Star, Train, Cookies, Candles, Nutcracker, Wreath, Lights, Stocking, Presents, Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Ornaments/Christmas Tree Decorations, Bells.