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What are Scavenger Hunt Lists?

Scavenger hunts are, at their most basic, games where the participants must locate items from a list with the assistance of clues. The list of items is known as the scavenger hunt list and can include just the objects themselves, and sometimes tasks that need to be undertaken by the person.

Some scavenger hunts are best performed in teams. Where you choose this option, making the clues more complicated and detailed is a good idea, so that each and every person can have enough time to participate and contribute to figuring out how to find and collect every single item on the scavenger hunt list.

Having a themed list can make the hunt interesting. That means that every item on your list relates to a particular subject, event or theme. Some examples include Christmas, Halloween, children’s TV characters and shows, and general themes like pirates, particular movies, and anything else you can think of that would be of interest to the age group of the people participating.

Scavenger hunt lists are the first thing to create when you are organizing a new scavenger hunt and is something that you should take great care in putting together – after all, it forms the basis for your entire scavenger hunt!


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