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Treasure Hunt Ideas for Adults: A Hen’s Night

Some hen nights are known to be just as wild as stag parties, if not more. However, many others are also known to be more subdued gatherings of the bride-to-be’s close friends. While a number of activities may be planned for a particular hens night, some of the popular games played during these occasions are treasure hunts for adults and the kind of games that reveal naught truths. Here are a few treasure hunt ideas that you may want to include when planning the next hens night you are a part of.

One of the best treasure hunt ideas for hen’s nights is the man hunt. The man hunt idea has the bride following clues that lead to to men in her past, casually scattered throughout the hunt. Think of about four different guys that the bride has been with. Focus on the comic issues that the bride has had to deal with while dating these guys. Choose suitable people who have some attribute that resembles each of the four guys, or are linked to them in some way, but preferably not the actual men involved. Lastly, place the fifth guy at the end of the hunt to act as her groom with a list of all the desired qualities she wanted. As the bride goes from one guy to the next, she is able to relive the light moments of the relationships that failed and at the end, she finds her “true” love.

You could also use the concept of activities and treasure hunt clues for adults to make the night more lively. Basically, before a treasure hunt clue is revealed during the hunt, an activity must be performed. For instance, the bride-to-be may have to massage a strange man’s shoulders, so as to get the next clue for the hunt, or she has to dance solo on top of a club table. The possibilities are endless in this case.

Think of the treasure hunt items that you may want to integrate to your hens night. The hens night scavenger hunt needs to be engaging for both the bride and her guests, If not, the guests will be constantly gazing at the clocks begging for the night to end. As such, a great item to have on your treasure hunt list would be to have the group search for personal items belonging to the bride, or about the bride, such as ‘awkward’ photos/items. To succeed, the person who finds a valid photograph/item has to tell the rest of the group more about the photo and the juicy story behind it. You could make things interesting here by giving each member who fails to find a photograph a shot, or racing to find all the treasure hunt clues for adults, preferably with an embarrassing challenge for the losers.

Treasure hunts are for adults too, just because they are a famous children’s game, certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t be given a more ‘adult’ twist and used to liven up a normal night out!

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