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Think…and You Will Find!

Think…and You Will Find!


This week, the focus is on Easter egg hunt riddles! Typically, Easter egg hunts are simply a free-for-all. You go out with your little basket and grab as many little plastic eggs as you can get your hands on! But what if it required a little more work? What if you had to solve interesting riddles to find your eggs? It’d be fun, wouldn’t it?

Riddles are an awesome way to add something new to your yearly egg hunt. We know they may be difficult to come up with. You want to have them challenging, but not too hard to solve in a short time span, either.

Luckily, we’ve prepared a PDF file with all the riddles you’ll need to have a successful hunt this year! On our website, we have riddle scavenger hunts for Easter on sale! For only $4.99, you can have a list of fun, challenging riddles for both children and adults! Using the provided list, your guests will be guided to their eggs based on clues they will have to decode.

Whether you purchase the adult set or the children set, this Easter is sure to be a blast! Send your guests an invitation and ensure they bring their thinking caps along with them for this session! If the riddles are too difficult for one single child to figure out on his or her own, put the children into groups and have them figure things out as a group! It will build teamwork and communication skills!

Give the children (or adults!) a certain amount of time to solve all the riddles and get their eggs. Make sure you also establish safety rules to ensure no one gets hurt or disrespected during the game! There should be no stealing eggs, no shoving, pushing, etc.


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