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Stag Parties and Treasure Hunt Ideas for Adults

Stag parties are often revered as the ideal source of crazy times, as they are crammed with all the last minute fun that the groom can enjoy before tying the knot. As you search through the web, you will find a number of stag ideas which may seem fun but in reality may not be quite as enjoyable as they appear.

If you are looking for a way to make your stag night memorable, you should consider incorporating scavenger hunts for adults, which are aimed at the stag night and other activities to double the fun. Here are some treasure hunt ideas for adults that you may want to consider when planning your stag night:

Divide the night into a number of segments such pre-dinner drink, limo drive to dinner, dinner, strip club and night club. In each segment, the groom will be taking shots regularly based on the tasks that they have to perform. This idea works best if you have a limo. If not, the groom has to wait till he gets to the destination before taking all the shots at once.

During the pre-dinner segment, have each of the guests tell the groom exactly what they miss about being single. After hearing each of them out, the groom then selects the most miserable guy to do a bomb-shot with him to get the party started.

Every couple has a magical song which will play at their wedding. Another great idea for the pre-dinner stage would be to have the groom sing the couple’s favorite song. If the groom can’t remember the words to the song or worse doesn’t have one, he has to take a shot. If he can remember the words, then you may want to make him do even more shots! lol

The limo drive segment can be one of the most memorable parts of the stag night treasure hunt. As one of your ideas, you could have the groom take a shot every time they see a couple arguing, or a couple kissing (depending on how mean you feel). Moreover, you could have everyone in the limo take a shot whenever the car crosses a street with its first letter the same as the bride, or when you see a certain colour of car (everyone picks one at the start, but as it is night time, it shouldn’t be too painful).

During the dinner segment have the groom remove his wallet and empty it of all his money. This should be set aside safely to prevent him from spending it all. Search the wallet for any pictures of his future bride and any other women. For any picture of his bride, everyone has to take a shot. For pictures of other women who are not his bride, take two shots. If there aren’t any pictures, take three shots.

During the drive to the strip cub, search the streets for any women who are being arrested by cops. For every case, the bachelor has to take a shot. At the strip club, have the bachelor ask about three dancers to tell him why he shouldn’t get married. If any of the reasons involve physical contact, he gets -1 shot. Alternatively, you could ask the bachelor to search for a dancer who is die-hard sports fan. If he can’t find one, he takes a shot. If he does find one, everyone else takes a shot.

All of these challenges and more can be combined with rewards and forfeits for the treasure hunt clues for adults that are completed, or failed. If you want, you can also split the party into teams and have them race to complete treasure hunt clues. Hopefully this gives you some treasure hunt ideas for adult parties, as treasure hunts are certainly not just for the young-ens!

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