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If you are a teacher, especially if you are teaching English or English as a second language, then you really should consider using scavenger hunt clues and riddles with your students. They are so used to text books, that fun problems and being active can really make them feel refreshed. For teaching EFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language, normally in a non-native-speaking country), then scavenger hunts are an amazing addition to your teaching tools.


However, we soon realized that there are very few options for school scavenger hunts. This occurred to us as most teachers don’t get many opportunities to go out of school grounds. Moreover, many schools will allow the public to use their grounds, if permission is requested first. Hence, we decided it was time to create a school scavenger hunt riddle clue pack. This is now live on our site and you can even download a mini-scavenger hunt for free!


Having a scavenger hunt in a school is both ideal for teachers and parents, as this is a very safe area where the children are normally contained from being able to roam to far. Hence, this is absolutely perfect for younger children and still fun for teenagers.


For teaching language skills and vocabulary, you can also expand this with other scavenger hunts too. Such as, you could use pictures or toys around the school. They then have to solve the riddle and find the item. To practice directions, make students then give the teacher directions to the item, before allowing them the next clue. The possibilities are endless with school scavenger hunts, especially for EFL and ESL teachers.


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