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Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

Kids love a good scavenger hunt. Whether they are as young as 5 years old and are going to partake in a simple scavenger hunt, or if they’re 12 or older and are up for something a bit longer and more complex, coming up with some good scavenger hunt ideas for kids is greatly rewarding for not only them, but for their parents as well!

You can hold a scavenger hunt game either indoors or outdoors, or combine both together. You can use common household items, or you can purchase special scavenger hunt prizes that you know the children will love. If you are holding the hunt outside, you may not even have to place the items yourself. You can have clues that lead to things like certain colored leaves or flowers, stones and other items. The children do not necessarily have to remove the objects but just note down that they found them (or if they have a camera, a photograph can be taken as proof!)

Stop children from getting bored by coming up with fun, unique and creative scavenger hunt ideas for kids. They’ll love it, and so will the adults, as you watch them figure out the clues and feel a sense of pride when they complete the hunt.


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