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Scavenger Hunt Clues For Around The House

What better way to spend a rainy day, or any day for that matter, than solving scavenger hunt clues around the house? Making up a scavenger hunt to do inside is fun, easy and the opportunities are limitless. Since most houses have hundreds of possible hiding spots for objects, you’ll easily be able to come up with one or two dozen clues. The difficult of your clues should depend upon who will be taking part. Children may have a harder time with written riddles, but an easier time with picture clues. If the age group will include both very young and older children, having 2 clues in each location is possible – one suited for each age. Some of the best spots for scavenger hunt clues for around the house include beds, wardrobes, shoe boxes, inside books, fruit bowls, storage boxes, bathtubs, under rugs, and so on. The clues can even lead to actual household objects, if you don’t plan on purchasing prize items for every clue. Things such as eggs and other food items, needle and thread, fruit pieces, cups, cutlery and tools can all make fun objects that are simple to write interesting riddles for. or to provide illustrated or photographic clues of! Having a scavenger hunt around the house is fun and simple and a great way to spend some free time on the weekend.

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