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Romantic Scavenger Hunt Clues

Your first thought about scavenger hunts is that they are just for children, however this could not be further from the truth! It can be very romantic to set up a treasure hunt for your partner. You can incorporate locations and objects that have special meaning to both of you, or you could use a scavenger hunt as a special way to lead your love to a marriage proposal at the end! The possibilities are truly endless for romantic scavenger hunt clues.

A good idea is to purchase a number of small gifts to use as objects along the way. These can be romantic-themed gifts like small bottles of perfume, candles, soaps and so on. These can be attached to clues at each point, whereby you are leading your love on to the major prize at the end. Your clues can consist of riddles or hints that mean something to the both of you; perhaps involving certain locations in the house or outdoors, or places where you have spent special moments together.

Taking the time to work on good romantic scavenger hunt clues for your lover will result in a very memorable experience for you both, particularly if, waiting at the end of the treasure hunt, is a special ring and a written proposal!


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