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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt: Requested & Delivered

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt: Requested & Delivered

After a few comments about the idea of a road trip scavenger hunt, we decided it was about time to create one. However, we didn’t want to create a hunt that our users could only use if they took a long road trip. It seemed that families could really benefit from entertaining the kids, while adults could also do with having a few laughs during any reasonable car journey. Hence, the hunt that is now available is for almost any car journey that is long enough to need an little excitement adding to it.


However, that’s not all. As many families and groups travel with a mix of ages, there is a full set of clues for adults and a full set of clues suitable for children (teenagers or supervised children). This is the only pack that contains both sets of clues for the price of one, as it just didn’t seem right to separate them. So, without further ado, you can now find the clues here:

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