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Hey all,

For those that follow this blog, our apologies for the delay between posts. We have been busy working on a lot of new features from the site, some of which I’m sure you will have noticed already. To ease navigation, we moved the menus to the front page, along with some stylish new graphics. There is now a video on the ‘About Us‘ page for anyone who doesn’t want to read through it all, ‘Example clues‘ have been added so new visitors have an idea of what they are buying, along with a page for ‘What you get‘ to show new customers what they are going to receive after payment.


Then there is our new ‘What is a scavenger hunt?‘ page that has some great infographics to explain riddle scavenger hunts and photo scavenger hunts. These will soon be complimented with ‘How to organize a scavenger hunt’ and ‘How to organize a photo scavenger hunt’.


Behind the scenes, we have increased security, site speed, and functionality. PayPal is fully integrated to provide a secure payment system. Upon payment, out site will then take you straight to your download. Hence, there is no longer a need to wait for your download email, you can normally grab the scavenger hunt PDF straight after payment.


There is still a bit more work to do, but once complete, we will be sure to get back to sharing ideas.


Thanks for your continued support, social shares, and for visiting our site!

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