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Perhaps you are a veteran to scavenger hunting and you are growing bored with the standard rules, or you are new to the concept entirely and you want to make things more interesting. Either way, you’re in luck! There are plenty of options for spicing up a scavenger hunt, and one of the best among them is hosting a photo scavenger hunt.



These hunts are fun variations on the classic scavenger hunt style and they are highly customizable. With a little effort and some ingenuity you can take a regular scavenger hunt and turn it into something whimsical!



Creative Photo Scavenger Hunts


The first – and most common – type of photograph scavenger hunts is that in which the players are tasked with finding and photographing certain things. These things can be the mundane – such as a flower or a pickup truck – or they can be bizarre – such as a dancing fireman or an egg cooking on a sidewalk.



The only limits to what you can require a person to photograph are the laws in your area and reality itself. If it’s possible to do and you have a camera handy then you have yourself a potential objective in a photo scavenger hunt! This often leads to hilarious and heartwarming quests to create the most interesting or funny pictures with the prompt given.



There is also the option of purposely leaving the prompts vague so that people can interpret them differently. This leads to the most variation amongst entries and it can be a wonderful experience to sort through what people come up with!



Literal Photograph Scavenger Hunts


The second type of photographic scavenger hunt is that in which photographs themselves are what you hide around the play area. This is a less versatile option when compared to the first type, but it has its uses when one is in a bind.



This method is perhaps most useful when you need several copies of an item to hide but you can only find one. The solution? Take a photograph of it and duplicate the prints! It’s cheap and simple to do, and if the item itself is something desirable then you might be able to offer it as a prize for whomever brings you its picture first!



The concept of pictures for prizes can be extended to the full hunt as well. You can put out one picture of each prize and give the prize to whomever manages to bring you said picture first. It’s a fun way of doing things and it ensures that the prize itself won’t be lost through some unforeseen mishap!



Photos as Clues in Scavenger Hunts


The last type of photographic scavenger hunt is that in which you use photographs instead of riddles or other more traditional clues. Rather than writing out a brain teaser you can use a photograph – or a series of them – to convey the objective of the hunt. This can lend itself to many fun clues. For example, you could present two photographs of objects with a space in-between for a third photo. The player could then be tasked with finding an object that fits with the two given as their clue! This allows for a wide range of creative and fulfilling answers.

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