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NEW Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues

Some of us – kids especially – are fascinated by exotic creatures. Tigers, elephants, apes, and snakes can all be great fun when observed safely. And yet, how often will you see a chimp walking down Main Street?


If you want your family to see these animals you’re going to have to take your kids to the zoo. So, why not sweeten the trip by turning it into a scavenger hunt? Your kids will appreciate the effort and you’ll appreciate the joy in their eyes as you go about your trip into the land of exotic animals. They could even learn a few things!


Need some help? Well, our photo scavenger hunt clues page is here to help, providing a ton of ideas for riddle scavenger hunt and photo scavenger hunt challenge days.

Our riddle clues challenge thinking, while out photo clues create memories and wonderful photos … check them out by clicking the links below:


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