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NEW Easter Scavenger Hunt Photo Challengers Released!

Our new and exciting challenges for an Easter photo scavenger hunt are live and online now, just in time for your Easter party, or to add a twist to your Easter plans.


Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids:


Regardless of your religion, it is likely that you know what Easter entails. And sometimes the usual song and dance of Easter Sunday gets boring.


How many times can you color eggs and eat chocolate rabbits before you get bored of it? Why not take your kids on an Easter scavenger hunt instead? It’ll certainly be more exciting for them (and for you, all things considered). The photos that you create will be treasured memories of fun family times.


Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt for Adults:


Ah, Easter Sunday. A day that many of us fondly remember from our youths. The rabbit themed chocolates, the dyed eggs, the rainbow baskets. All of it seems so close at hand, and yet it has gotten away from us … there just isn’t the magic anymore. However, there’s still a chance to relive some of that Easter bliss, even if you have grown a bit older! Gather a few like-minded friends and go on a nostalgia trip with our memorable Easter photo scavenger hunt.




Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues


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