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Mall Scavenger Hunts

Mall scavenger hunts are great for all ages. There are stores for every age group and tons of things to find and see! From different stores to unique people and foods, there is an endless amount of scavenger material. Although these kinds of hunts are usually geared toward children and teenagers, there are plenty of fun things for adults to find too. A photo scavenger hunt is even better for adults, as it adds a bit more complexity and fun to the game. A mall is also great because there are most likely multiples of things on the list, so it could also be less challenging, if necessary.

For a photo scavenger hunt, you of course want to make sure there are enough cameras for the players. Furthermore, it would be ideal if you could contact the mall you are planning to have the hunt in prior to your event. There will be a surplus of people there just for your hunt, so the mall would probably appreciate a heads-up. This is more important for a children’s photo hunt as a large group of children without chaperones is quite wild. Other than that, this type of hunt is a great opportunity for team building.

While your scavenger list can vary entirely from ours, we figured it would be great to give you some inspirational ideas for your own. There are no wrong items! Here is ours (just click the link):

Mall Scavenger Hunt for Adults

Mall Scavenger Hunt for Children

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