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Having updated our scavenger hunts recently, including all the new free and discounted options, I thought it was time to write about a mall scavenger hunt. Currently our riddle clues are already live on the site and we are now working on some new and fun ‘photo challenge clues’ which will be going live very soon. These will all give you a great day out if you live near, or will be visiting a mall (shopping center/complex).


This is something that doesn’t often occur to people, but it really is a great idea for days out and special events. This especially applies to younger children that are already hanging out with friends at the mall. This is a popular location, so it really makes sense to take advantage of that and expand things further. By hosting a scavenger hunt in a mall, you can make an already interesting and fun place an absolute adventure.


Now, obviously with both styles of scavenger hunts, you may want to contact the store owners prior to planting your clues and you will need to set some ground rules, preferably for penalties for breaking them, to increase self regulation within teams. This is because the last thing that you want is a bunch of excited kids running into a shop and throwing stuff around. Not only would you be kicked out of the mall, but it could be expensive if they break anything. This is why for both a normal mall scavenger hunt, and riddle scavenger hunts held in public places, I always recommend that there is a responsible person on each team.


With that out of the way, you can start to plan and make for a fun day. Our scavenger hunt ideas page may give you a few golden tweaks, but I am also sure you will be able to come up with your own. With most kids now having phones, you can also get them to video the hunt, or to take photos with each part/object. This way you know how they behave, or at least know that they aren’t cheating.


Kids really love mall scavenger hunts, as they can include lots of other activities and make for a full day out. Throw in a movie, ice cream and maybe bowling, to make a full day that will leave all involved very happy and probably very sleepy.


Have a GREAT day at the mall!


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