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Mall Scavenger Hunt | An Activity Ideal for Any Weather

Mall Scavenger Hunt | An Activity Ideal for Any Weather

Let’s be honest, malls aren’t particularly exciting places for children to be. Sadly, they do need to be there as you drag them from clothes shop to clothes shop! They may get a toy shop every so often but they are few and far between. Thankfully for you though, there are plenty of different ways in which you can make that trip to the mall slightly more exciting than normal! On this page I want to share with you a couple of ideas for scavenger hunts which can take place in malls.



I am sure you know this already, but scavenger hunts are people simply going about completing the tasks on a list. You have probably done this type of thing many times when you were younger. The great thing about mall scavenger hunts is not only are they fun for the child (which is brilliant as you will need to keep them occupied in the mall!) but they will also provide them with a bit of exercise when they are running from clue to clue. Now I want to give you a couple of different scavenger hunt ideas for children that you can use when you next head to the mall.



Perhaps the simplest type of scavenger hunt out there is finding products in different shops. You can even have a theme for this, for example, if it is close to Christmas then you may want to come up with a list that is full of Christmas themed items. There are a multitude of different things you can ask them to find. Take this list as an example of five different items you could potentially get your child to find in the mall. Hopefully this should give you a nice little push in the right direction! You don’t have to use this list of course, but it should provide you with a rather useful starting point when trying to come up with lists of scavenger hunt clues by yourself.


  • A pair of Red Shoes
  • A toy made of wood
  • A blue dress
  • A water bottle
  • A pair of earrings


Hopefully this has given you an idea. When you are trying to come up with your scavenger hunt clues you should think about the sorts of stores that you will be visiting during your trip. Hopefully you should know the sorts of products that they are going to keep. Try to make up a list of a variety of different things from different stores. You don’t want to find everything in one store right? If your child isn’t at the age where they can read fluently yet, then you may want to come up with a list that involves pictures of the items that you want them to find as opposed to words. If your child is slightly older then you may want to look into the idea of using scavenger hunt riddles as opposed to giving them the answer straight away. The great thing about this is that it will get their brain working, which can be somewhat educational. In addition to that it makes the whole scavenger hunt a lot more fun for them! After all, they are going to need to think about what they can find rather than read through a dull list! To give them an incentive for going through the mall scavenger hunt list you should provide them with a prize when they complete it. Perhaps this could be a toy of their choice (up to a certain value of course) or perhaps simply allowing them to choose where they want to eat.



In addition to this you could try to do a different type of scavenger hunt (or incorporate this into the previous one to make it a bit longer). This could potentially be them trying to identify various different stores in the mall. For example asking them to find a store which sells video games for example. They can then write down the name of the store on the list when they find it or you could simply get them to point it out if their skills aren’t that good when it comes to writing at the moment. If the mall has various different features e.g. a fountain then try to get them to find these as well. Basically you should try to be as creative as you possibly can!



One neat trick I like to do is also get the children to spot various people that are walking around the malls. For example, you could ask them to try and find a man that is wearing blue shorts or perhaps a woman wearing white jeans. You can come up with a good number of different situations here. Try to make them as crazy as you possibly can (you do want to make it difficult right?) you could even ask them to find people doing certain things. For example, a man eating a burger, or a woman pushing a pram. The choice is completely yours! Again, if the child cannot read then you can do little pictures for them. Some people at this point like to try and incorporate photography into their mall scavenger hunt, but I really don’t like this. After all, random people generally aren’t massive fans of having their photograph taken, even if they are in a public location! If you decide to go this route expect a fair few scowls.



Of course, planning your mall scavenger hunts isn’t going to be easy. Thankfully for you though, there are plenty of websites out there on the internet which are packed to the brim with all sorts of wonderful scavenger hunt clues. Choose the best (or maybe even a few of them) and make up a list on your own. You can then print this off and hand to your child the next time you head to the mall! This will certainly keep them occupied, and you can give them a little prize at the end if they manage to complete the list!


Whatever approach you take, traditional, photo or challenge, the kids will LOVE IT!!!!


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