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Kids Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

An Easter egg hunt is a great way for kids to spend part of Easter Day. So how can you make your Easter egg hunt memorable, fun and enticing for the children to participate in? With a little bit of imagination and effort, it’s simple to come up with some original ideas for your hunt that the kids will love!

One idea is to paint a different letter on every egg. The letters should form the basis of whole words which, when put together, create something meaningful relating to the scavenger hunt. It could reveal the location of the grand prize. Or, you could include very small words and encourage each child to collect as many words as possible – the winner is the one with the most whole words. This is a good Easter egg hunt idea for children aged 7 and up.

A color coded Easter egg scavenger hunt is another great idea for younger children, particularly those who are not of reading age yet. Each child can be assigned to look for eggs that have been painted a particular color. This makes the game not only fun, but educational as well.

Kids Easter egg hunt ideas can turn a regular Easter into a most memorable one, and the best part is that different types and formats of scavenger hunts with an Easter theme can be organized for absolutely every age group, number of participants and location!


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