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Ideas for a Kids Scavenger Hunt

What could be more fun than a kids scavenger hunt? Children of all ages can enjoy solving clues and riddles, and proceeding through the course of a treasure hunt. They particularly love it when they know that the winner is going to go home with a fantastic prize! There are other benefits of having a treasure hunt for children as well: they can learn to work as a team, practice their problem solving skills, and of course it can get them into the outdoors if you are holding the hunt outside.

Some of the locations that you can have a fun treasure hunt for young kids include: in the home, in the backyard, at the local park or nature reserve, or even at school where the entire class can join in the fun. You can purchase scavenger hunt kits, locate fun scavenger hunt lists and riddle ideas online, or simply create your own; being sure to tailor the objects and the clue difficulty level to the age of the children who are participating.

A kids scavenger hunt is not only fun, but also educational and beneficial for children to work together, think critically, and enjoy a bit of friendly competition amongst their peers and friends.

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