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Halloween Treasure Hunt: Have them Solve Riddles for Candy!

Halloween Treasure Hunt: Have them Solve Riddles for Candy!

When fall rolls in, kids all have one thing on their mind. You might be worried about the leaves you have to rake, or having to light the pilot for the heater; but your kids are thinking about is Halloween! What will they wear? Who will they be? What sort of candy will they get? Some kids will even start talking about having a Halloween party to invite all their friends to.



Unfortunately, it’s actually good for your kids to have social gatherings, so you’re likely to be compelled to say that they can invite some friends to celebrate the offbeat holiday of Halloween. The biggest problem you’re going to run into when planning the little get together is figuring out how to keep the hoard of children occupied and pleasantly entertained for the duration of the party.



Since Halloween sometimes falls on a school night, you might have to host a Halloween party on the weekend before hand.  If this is the case, you aren’t going to be able to take the pack of kids hunting for candy for hours to keep them entertained. So, why not have them hunt for something else? Having a Halloween themed treasure hunt for the kids can be a great way to keep them occupied and entertained for as long as you need it to! Plus, if you do it right, your child will be the most popular kid in school for having parents that can throw an amazing party.



The first thing that you should do to prepare for the part is get your house and yard done up for the holiday. You can use your decorations as the destinations for the next clues in the Treasure hunt. You can even leave little bags of candy at each clue leading up to bigger bags of candy as the main prize. You don’t have to spend a fortune setting up for the kids party treasure hunt either. Dollar stores are great places to pick up big bags of candy and cheap good bags and decorations. You can even make some decorations and let your kids help.



Gravestones can be a great place to leave Halloween treasure hunt riddles (but please make sure the children respect the graves!) as they add real tension to the night. With kids, treasure hunt clues can be a great way to get them using their minds in a way that they don’t on a regular bases. You know that the children are going to want the candy, so why not have them earn it? They’ll feel more satisfied at the end of the treasure hunt while they’re enjoying the bounty knowing that they accomplished something to get it. Problem solving skills can really come in handy later in life and riddle clues help a lot with this. A children’s treasure hunt can help encourage those skills in a really fun and rewarding way.



So, the next time your child wants to invite a bunch of kids over for a Halloween party: you know that you can say “yes” and be totally prepared for the event when it arrives. Our Halloween scavenger hunt clues are perfect for this event, and we have lots of other suggestions for game play on our site!


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