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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Everyone is out and about on Halloween night, but what if you were to organize something a little different than trick or treating this year? Creating a Halloween scavenger hunt with clues can add even more excitement to this fun filled day. Or, you can even combine a scavenger hunt with trick or treating for a truly entertaining experience for adults and children alike.

Using the street or neighborhood for a scavenger hunt can result in a very large area to place clues and riddles. You can even include your neighbors and other residents, creating a true community event. Of course, the prizes and clues should all be Halloween related. This can include chocolates and sweets, miniature pumpkins, witches and other Halloween themed objects and toys, and anything else that you deem to be related to Halloween and suitable for the participants, depending upon their ages. Children may do best with visual clues such as photographs or drawings, which assist them in getting to the next clue location.

Coming up with (or borrowing) small Halloween themed riddles and rhymes as part of the clues will add to the fun. And of course, everybody has to be dressed up in their best Halloween costumes to take part in the scavenger hunt!


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