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Great Ideas for Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Great Ideas for Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween parties are pretty common events. And because Halloween comes around every year, the challenge for the event organizers is to make their event special from the other parties that were previously organized. This does not have to mean that the program or the activities involved have to be completely changed, but there has to be something that can make each activity exciting, or a bit more unique for all the participants and guests. Although this can be a bit challenging at times, it is indeed very much possible to pull off. With a few good ideas, whether yours or from the web, you can surely manage to pull off a great Halloween party that everyone will enjoy and remember!


One of the things that you can work into a Halloween party easily to make it different is the Halloween scavenger hunt. If this is organized the right way, people will surely have a blast and go home happy and buzzing from the great day they have just had, although possibly a little tired too if done right.


The basics:

Halloween scavenger hunts have pretty basic principles and in order to have an exciting Halloween scavenger hunt, you do not necessarily have to come up with new twists or rules. If your guests are going to be kids, then you have all the more reason to stick to what they are already used to, or else they are going to end up confused or frustrated because they did not really know how to do well in the game. Hence, for young children, it is best to keep the treasure hunt simple, but the simplicity of the game does not lessen the fun that is in it. That said, for adults, you can make things as complicated and wild as you like! 😉

Halloween scavenger hunt ideas:

If you want to make sure that people are going to have a fun time with the Halloween scavenger hunt, you should try to come up with several ideas on how to accomplish a fun day/evening. You can use your creativity in this area, and think up of as many ways as you can, or use your research skills to find novel options from the internet. It may be that you come up with a unique theme for the game, challenges to incorporate, or an entirely new twist on things.


A theme can be as simple as a Halloween pumpkin, with which the participants are going to look for things that are related to the Halloween pumpkin, or what is usually called the Jack-o-lantern, or hidden inside them throughout the area (you could even have 100s of pumpkins, plastic or real, depending on your budget). Try to think of ideas that are going to suit the kind of people who will be there at the party. If there are going to be kids, you can add some treats at every station for those who get there first. If you announce this part of the game, for sure, the kids are going to be more excited. However, for adults, having to complete funny challenges or getting a glass of their “favourite drink” could make the hunt a lot more enjoyable! If not a little chaotic.


Halloween scavenger hunt riddles:

It depends on who your participants are going to be. If they are little kids, then you’ll have to make the riddles a lot simpler and easy for them to understand, or else it will take them forever to get the answers alone, let alone find the clues. The same goes for any other Halloween scavenger hunt clues actually, age must always been a big consideration (of course, to save time and effort, you can also download our Halloween scavenger hunt riddles for kids by clicking the blue link).

However, if the guests are old enough to get more complicated ones, then by all means add some challenges to the game. Making hard riddles, using cryptic cyphers, or setting nearly impossible challenges will all bring out the competitive spirit in the teams that are going to play and add more satisfaction to winning the game.


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