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For those of you that are regular visitors, you may have noticed some changes occurring on over the last few months. We have completely revamped the site from the ground up, trying to make it more user friendly and offering some new features.



Our theme is now easy to navigate on all mobile devices, whether tablet, mobile, or somewhere in between. The menus have been renamed and simplified to make things easier to use, as we felt that saying exactly what the page contained would be a better approach. We have also added more graphics and images to improve visitor experiences, as let’s be honest … we all like to see a little colour.



Another major change is our new Mini Scavenger Hunt Clues! These are now available in exchange for a simple social media share. Hence, now you can get six sample clues from one of our hunts in exchange for sharing our website on your social media like Facebook, Google and Twitter. Once you recommend us to your friends, you will instantly be granted access to the sample download link.



As the popularity of our site has increased now, we have also decided to expand the range of scavenger hunt clues that we offer. We started out with riddle scavenger hunt clues and have found that these have been quite popular. This is quite a traditional style of scavenger hunt, but can also be twisted to fit the photo scavenger hunt style. However, now we are working on more clues for you. These will include rhyming challenge photo/video scavenger hunt clues, maze clues and possibly more. The challenge clues are perfect to create fun photos and videos as the teams race to complete funny challenges! One that has proven to be very popular is the Mall Scavenger Hunt, something that is perfect for all weather conditions.



Super Saver Packs have also now been launched and will slowly be expanded as our range increases. We know that many parents and friends want activities to cover more than just one event. Hence, we have created these large packs of scavenger hunt clues for many different locations and situations. These are also available with almost 50% off of our normall download prices! That is a saving that makes scavenger hunt day events a very affordable activity, especially when combined with the suggestion for playing twists on our Scavenger Hunt Ideas page.



We hope that you will love the new options, please let us know your thoughts. However, you do need to be a wordpress member to comment, as unfortunately we got far too much spam when the comments were open. That said, you can always drop us a message via our contact page.



Thanks for reading.

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