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Easter Scavenger Hunt | Make This Easter Something Different

Ah, Easter, a top holiday for children. Now, whilst Easter of course has very religious overtones, for many children it is the thought of being able to stuff their faces with all manner of chocolate which reels them in. Of course, you could always give them their chocolate Easter morning, but why not make them work for it? Not only will it give them a bit of a workout, but it will also provide them with a ton of fun. Of course, they will also get the chocolate at the end too! Let me introduce you to the world of Scavenger Hunts for Easter.



Now, an Easter Scavenger Hunt is one of my favourite types. This is because you can really make use of scavenger hunt clues and riddles for the children to find their chocolate. Of course, you will want to base your riddles and clues around their age group, just to give them a tiny bit of a challenge but not so much that they aren’t having fun!



The way I like to run this scavenger hunt is to prepare my clues the night before (more on that soon). The idea is to give the children a clue as soon as you want. This clue will then lead them to the next clue, and that clue to the next one and so on. You should have around 10-20 ‘clues’ fully prepared. Once they get to the end of the hunt they get their reward. This should hopefully be a lot of chocolate, of course, if you want your children to let out a collective sigh you can give them something a little bit healthier instead! You could also simply hide a chocolate egg for them, give them a single clue and then they can go and find it. This type of hunt isn’t going to take too much effort on your part, but you are still making the child work for the reward at the end of it.



One of the great things about this format of Easter scavenger hunt is that you can do it in a very small space. I remember waking up every Easter Morning with my father preparing clues that took me around my house. Now, my house was very small but with some well-written clues the hunt took around thirty minutes. This really made me work for the chocolate, but it was ever so sweeter at the end! Of course, if you are planning an Easter Scavenger Hunt with more than a couple of children then you will probably want to look into bigger areas, just so that people aren’t bashing into each other all of the time!



Probably one of the most difficult things about this type of hunt is coming up with the various clues that you need. Your challenge, as I mentioned previously, is to ensure that the clues aren’t too difficult to solve, but they still need to be fairly challenging or the scavenger hunt won’t be too fun for your children at all! Thankfully for you there is plenty of information out there on the internet which should give you a rough idea about how to plan clues properly and of course our site will give you some FREE CLUES too (just check our scavenger hunt pages). We also provide a massive page of Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas to help you plan an amazing day.



So what do you need to prepare for the hunt? Not a lot actually. As I mentioned before it is going to take a bit of preparation the night before if you want to follow my idea. This means drafting up the clues and putting them in the right locations around the house. After that, just give the child their clue in the morning and you are ready to go! If you have children in multiple age groups then you may want to run two hunts side by side with different clues and end goals. You should bear in mind though that this is going to take a VERY long time to put together. Therefore it might be best using slightly more difficult clues and the children teaming up and trying to solve the hunt together. Perhaps you could also look into the idea of interweaving a couple of easier clues into the mix for the younger child.



Of course, Easter isn’t all about Chocolate. It also marks new life. Therefore you could run a completely different type of scavenger hunt. This is going to be a slightly more traditional format and is designed to get your children out and about outside. This could be taking photographs of different types of plants (make sure your children are encouraged NOT to touch the plants). You could ask them to find things of different colours. Or better yet, finding things which begin with the letters E,A,S,T,E,R. This type of scavenger hunt is probably going to be best for the little ones as it will be over rather quickly if you are not careful. Again, preparation isn’t going to be too difficult for this type of hunt. All you need to do is put together your list the night before. Print them off and hand them to your children. If you plan the list well then you will be able to spend hours outside getting exercise whilst having fun! This is the perfect thing for your child to be doing! You can of course still reward them with chocolate when you are done!



Of course, this is just a very brief guide on how you can run a kids scavenger hunt for Easter with ease. You can of course run the event however you want. There are plenty more guides out there in the internet world which will give you all sorts of scavenger hunt ideas. Just make sure that you prepare well for the hunt and it should go off without a hitch, whilst giving children a ton of fun at the same time!


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