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Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt Clues

Easter time is a great time to hold a scavenger hunt! There’s no need to think of great prizes, because Easter eggs are a great incentive and it’s long been a tradition for people to have treasure hunts on Easter day.

Children love the thrill of picking up Easter eggs along the way during the hunt, and attempting to be the one who gets the big basket of eggs at the end. Very young kids don’t have to be left out either. You can create really simple clues by using drawings. If your Easter basket scavenger hunt clues will be located outdoors, drawing simple images of the next location will ensure that even the smallest of children can take part (with the help of their parents if need be!). If you prefer not to draw, photographs can make it even easier.

Older children may enjoy the challenge of riddles for their clues, all with an Easter theme. For example, one clue could be “Easter bunny felt like a snack, so he went to…” – this can lead to a food cupboard or fridge.

Easter basket scavenger hunt clues are simple to create and lots of fun for children of all ages to enjoy on Easter morning.

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