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Create Your Own Easter Scavenger Hunt

Although it’s possible to buy scavenger hunt kits and plans, creating your own unique scavenger hunt can be even more rewarding! This is because you know exactly what the skill level and interests of your participants are, so you can tailor the treasure hunt to be just perfect for them.

The most simple Easter scavenger hunt for very young children is of course to leave a trail of small Easter eggs that might start in the child’s bedroom, and lead around the house, and possibly outside, until the child reaches the grand prize. This could be a special item, or perhaps the actual gifts that the Easter Bunny has left! This is a very easy scavenger hunt to create yourself, although may only be enjoyed by those young enough to find it challenging.

Another idea for kids of a younger age, you can make it particularly fun by creating Easter bunny footprints in the backyard, and this can form a trail for the scavenger hunt. Each trail can lead to a small prize, or clue to the next object, depending upon the age and skill level of the participant. This is a certainly an idea that even the youngest of children will find pleasure in.

We have so many more Easter scavenger hunt ideas on our site, that you can use to build your own hunt from scratch, or to add to a pre-made scavenger hunt. In any case, scavenger hunts on Easter day give children something fun and physical to do – a welcome change from consuming an abundance of chocolate eggs!

Creating your own Easter scavenger hunt can become a fun Easter tradition and one that all children will surely talk about long after the event.


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