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Clues for your Adult Photo Scavenger Hunts

Clues for your Adult Photo Scavenger Hunts

So…you’ve set up a party for your scavenger hunt. And you’ve got your cameras, prizes and teams. But now, where are you going and how is everyone going to be taking pictures? That is the question! Luckily for you, we have tons of ideas for you to put in play. These photo hunt activities can be done nearly everywhere!

It would be ideal, overall, to find a place with lots of different things going on. A good idea would be a park, a city, or even a fun place like a zoo! Let your photo hunters trek the town to find these awesome shoots. It can be an all day activity or a short hour-long event. It’s all up to you!

In this article, we will highlight a scavenger hunt that takes place within a bustling town or city. There are lots of things to take pictures of and interesting places to visit. Be sure to set boundaries for your players so everyone is on the same playing field. Also ensure everyone has a list of possible things to take pictures of and the point values (if applicable) for everything. Also make sure that everyone is equipped with their cameras to ensure fairness. Most likely people will have their smartphones with cameras built-in, but you can never be too sure!

Below are some great additional challenges to combine with our town photo scavenger hunt challenges and riddles (just click the blue link or go to our home page menu):

  • Five unique bus stops
  • A police or fire station
  • City hall
  • 3 streets that are named after a president
  • A blue front door
  • an empty parking lot
  • A for sale sign
  • a flag (any country)
  • A boarded up window
  • A street camera
  • A building more than 15 stories high
  • A neon store sign
  • a store sign that says ‘closed’
  • a sports car
  • a car made before 1990
  • someone walking their dog
  • a pet store
  • An expensive item for sale (above $500)
  • A mannequin in fancy clothes (dress, suit, etc.)

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