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Cool Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids

When Christmas is just around the corner (although I know it isn’t just yet), it is then time to plan for the gathering of family members and friends. What greater way to have fun during this Christmas celebration than to organize a party that everyone you are going to invite will appreciate and enjoy?

Now, of course food is a given, but aside from that, there should be something else in your party that will keep your guests entertained as well as happy. One of the things that you can do to ensure this is to plan and organize a treasure hunt. It is a sure way to get your guests to be active and having a good time. To achieve this, we recommend that you consider hosting a Christmas treasure hunt with out Christmas treasure hunt clues, which are sure to be challenging and festively fun. If you want to make sure that your Christmas treasure hunt will be something to look forward to, here are a few tips that you might find helpful.

Be relevant to your guests

Your Christmas treasure hunt clues should match the people who are going to attend the Christmas party that you organized. You have to know if there will be adults only, teenagers, kids, and so on. Then, with this knowledge you can organize a game that will fit the age group which your guests belong to. This way, you are sure that the game is going to be something that they will enjoy. It is also important to know the people who are attending because of the kind of Christmas treasure hunt clues used should not be too difficult or too easy for them, in order for the game to be interesting and engaging. Once you know who are going to be present, you will have a much easier time organizing the game.

Connect the game with something about Christmas

Since you are organizing a game for Christmas, it is much better if you create it in such a way that is connected with the occasion and uses festive objects and challenges. For example, you may have Christmas treasure hunt ideas about Christmas yourself, such as the birth of Jesus, the three wise men, or other things that are related to the event. You can use these ideas to come up with relevant stuff and tasks for your guests, whether prizes or the objects to take photos with. Christmas itself can be the theme of the game and you can pattern your scavenger lists according to it. This way, while the guests are playing, they are very much aware what you are celebrating together and they will be able to appreciate the occasion all the more with you. Dressing up is a great way to do this, while also using music and decorations to set the scene, both inside and outside.

Organize a treasure hunt that is for everyone

If you have guests that are mixed in ages and abilities — such as, if you have adults and kids at the same time — you can organize a game that will suit everyone in general. What you can do is put in some of the kids and some of the adults in each team, so that each team is equal. Then, the Christmas treasure hunt clues are going to be varied too: some are for the kiddies, and some are for adults … unless you want to rule that only the adults/kids have to solve the clues and the rest have to perform the challenges for the team. In this way, they can help each other out and have a great time.

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