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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

What better way to enjoy the festive season than by holding a Christmas scavenger hunt with clues? Creating and participating in a scavenger hunt at Christmas time can bring people together, no matter what age, and is also a great way to wear off all that food that we tend to consume in abundance at that time of year!

A good way to start a Christmas themed scavenger hunt is to place the first clue as a gift under the Christmas tree or in a hanging Christmas stocking. In fact, you could turn the scavenger hunt into a method for distributing your gifts to individual people. For example, there is a small present under the tree with a clue in it, and this clue leads to the next gift, and so on.

Some of the places that your scavenger hunt clues could lead include bedrooms, the kitchen, living rooms, closets and even outside if it’s not too cold. Kids in particular will find this a great way to get their Christmas gifts – and adults can design the clues to portray that Santa Claus himself organized the gift scavenger hunt for the children.

Having a Christmas scavenger hunt with clues puts an extra fun twist on an exciting Christmas morning.


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