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Children’s Treasure Hunt: A Halloween Party Lifesaver!

Children’s Treasure Hunt: A Halloween Party Lifesaver!

When the leaves start turning and air starts cooling, kids start getting excited. Why are they getting so worked up? Because the coming of fall is the coming of Halloween, and all children love to dress up and get to eat more candy than usual. Socializing and making friends is an important part of your child’s mental development, but when your kids ask if they can have a Halloween party it can be pretty tempting to say no. The idea of having a large group of kids running around your house and yard can be pretty terrifying. Even more so, when you consider that it’s your job to keep them entertained and make sure that your kid doesn’t become a social pariah for throwing an awful party.





With the economy what it is, it’s not exactly practical to hire entertainers and DJs for a kids’ Halloween party. This leaves you trying to think of a way to make sure that you child has a great party, and you don’t end up losing your mind and all your money. Maybe you should consider planning some Halloween treasure hunt clues. A Halloween themed children treasure hunt can be a great way to keep a large group of kids happy, laughing, and entertained without having to hire entertainers and spend a fortune. All you need is some dollar store decorations and a few discount bags of candy. Anything else you get to embellish from there is totally optional. The best part about a treasure hunt is that the children will be working together and using their minds to figure out where the next of the treasure hunt clues are. Depending on how long and creative you are planning out the Halloween treasure hunt riddles.




A good pointer is to start thinking about using your Halloween decorations in the planning while you’re putting them up. The Halloween treasure hunt riddles should be clever and get them using their brains. So, try to be creative when you plan out your clues. You can leave little pieces of candy for each kid with each riddle/clue and then have a nice big Halloween style bounty of candy and treats as the treasure at the end. Use your parental creativity to really knock it out of the park.




Try having the treasure hunt follow a Halloween themed spooky story. Start the hunt by gathering up the kids and tell them all a not too scary story to get them interested and then pass out the first clues and Halloween treasure hunt riddles and watch them all go!




Depending on how intricate and long you make the hunt, you could have the kids busy for at least a good solid hour. Then you can pass out some healthier snacks and drinks. Maybe play some fun Halloween themed music, and wait until it’s time for everyone to get picked up. If all goes as planned, you should be sending home a horde of happy kids. Making your child, the talk of the town for having parents that know how to throw an awesome Halloween party.


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