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Beach Day Scavenger Hunt

Beach Day Scavenger Hunt

It’s summer time! Finally! Summer is great for trips to the amusement park, zoo, museums and even the beach! The beach is a wonderful place for all ages. If you’re spending any time at the shore this summer, our beach day scavenger hunt is a must. Children, teens and adults alike can all enjoy a game like this. After dipping into the ocean and building sand people and castles, what better to do than adventure around and find clues? You can also have a ton of people play this at the same time and compete for prizes based on whoever finishes first! A simple, quiet day at the beach can be so much more!

As with any scavenger hunt, ensure everyone knows their boundaries. You don’t want people wandering off too far just to find something they’re looking for. Be safe and of course, don’t have anyone trekking into the ocean. Below are some ideas for your next beach trip!

Beach Trip Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Most of these beach scavenger hunt items are very commonplace on a beach. That being said, you can add an additional element to the game and have people keep what they find to show at the end. That way, you can verify everyone’s found everything! And please recycle all items used or picked up during your hunt! And enjoy!

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