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An Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt

An Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunts are a lot of fun! They allow you to be super creative, but it’s also a fun, challenging activity for all ages. Add in the holiday of Easter and you’ve got an instant hit! But it may be a little difficult to find ways to make your photo hunt the blast you want it to be. Well, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an excellent way for you to make this year’s Easter photo hunt one to never forget!


First things first, make sure you send out some invitations! This challenge can work for all ages, so feel free to invite everyone to play! Just make sure to let everyone know they will need to bring something to take pictures with, of course, such as a phone, digital camera, etc.

If you’d like, you can take sample pictures to show your guests what this hunt will be like, or you can completely leave it as a surprise.

The Photo Challenge

Then, you can purchase the Easter Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt for children (or the adult one) for $4.99 on our website. It’s a great, cheap way to get all of the clues and instructions you need to get everyone involved and having a great time! To purchase the kit, visit the link above. Simply scroll down and hit ‘Add to cart’ next to the one you would like to buy! You will receive a PDF file with everything you need!

This awesome purchase will allow your guests to take photos of a lifetime. The memories of this year’s Easter will last long after the current holiday is over. You can even make scrapbooks of each year’s Easter photo challenge! The pictures will be both hilarious and heartwarming. They are definitely something you want to keep for years to come. The possibilities of this challenge are endless. Make it your own!

Enjoy your awesome Easter photo challenge with all of your friends and family!

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