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Adult Easter Scavenger Hunts

Adult Easter Scavenger Hunts

While Easter egg hunts are most known for being children-oriented, adults can have a lot of fun finding eggs, too! You just have to know how to cater the hunt to your older audience. Luckily, the options are just as plentiful for adults as they are for children!

Adult Easter festivities are a lot of fun to put together. Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean egg hunts need to be over! With just a little bit of extra planning, an adult Easter egg scavenger hunt can become an awesome yearly get-together!

Scheduling and Planning

Normally, Easter egg hunts are done on Sunday morning/midday. However, with adults, you can do the traditional Sunday hunt, or you can even plan for Friday or Saturday night!

As for the actual hunt, our website sells Easter scavenger hunt packs for adults and children! We have a Easter photo scavenger hunt for adults. To grab this great pack, visit Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues. If you’d rather just do the traditional egg hunt instead, there are fun options for that too!

The Eggs

Now, here is where the “adult” part comes in. Sure, adults love candy, but what do they love more than candy? Gifts! Fill your eggs with gift certificates, small jewelry pieces, trinkets or even money! The game just got a lot more interesting!

The actual eggs can be a little more long-lasting, too if you are interested. Many people enjoy ceramic, wooden or even chocolate eggs to hide the items in. The typical plastic eggs are great,too!

As in alternative to filling eggs with presents, you can also offer gifts as prizes for the most eggs found. Either plan works, but perhaps more expensive prizes can be used as the “most eggs” plan rather than inside the actual eggs themselves.


Check out our website for more scavenger hunt ideas for Easter and have a great egg hunt!


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