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3 Easter Ideas For Kids

Easter is an exciting time for children. As they anticipate the arrival of the Easter Bunny and all the goodies he delivers, there are other things parents can organize that can make this day, and the holidays surrounding it, that much more special for the younger ones! Here are 3 quick and easy ideas that can turn a regular Easter Day into one that will be remembered forever.

1. Egg Painting
What better way to spend Easter morning, or perhaps the night before Easter, than painting eggs? Eggs can be painted in all sorts of designs and children of any age can participate in this fun activity. Hard boiled eggs can be prepared the day before.

2. Face Painting
Paint faces as an Easter bunny, or decorate kids faces with Easter themed designs! Let the children get their creative juices flowing by painting each others faces; it doesn’t have to be a work of art! This can be incorporated into an Easter themed scavenger hunt – see the third idea below.

3. Treasure Hunts
Of course, a treasure or scavenger hunt is the ultimate activity to hold at Easter. You can even combine the above activities into the hunt. For example, by using the painted eggs as clues during the hunt. The riddles themselves could be painted on the eggs – there’s no need to be an artist, even the most simple clues and riddles can be used and they can be word or picture-based. Children can have their faces painted before the hunt, and if teams are used, each child’s face can represent their respective teams!


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