Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge Clues




A Zoo scavenger hunt is a fantastic hunt for kids, or the whole family. Why? because;


1) The place is huge!

2) It is already exciting.

3) It can be educational and fun.

4) It helps you get value for your money, while they learn something new.

5) You will create some amazing photos



As far as making it educational, riddle clues can be used to “classifying” animals, making the players put the ‘clue’ photo into a category like ‘mammals’. You could also make the players categorize clues into countries of origin, or have to find another similar animal and explain why they think it is similar.



The whole event also leads to discussions about the animals, how they live and why the look certain ways. I remember doing this with my school; we all had a great time! So why not let your kids and a few friends try it, or even give it a go yourselves, as you still have to actually find the clues!!


Zoo Riddle Clue Scavenger Hunt 1


Zoo Riddle Clue Scavenger Hunt 2



FREE Scavenger Hunt Clues:


Free Mini Photo Scavenger Hunt:


Free Mini Riddle Scavenger Hunt:


Zoo Scavenger hunt 1 has clues for:

Polar Bear, Lion, Giraffes, Koala, Gorilla, Rhino, Wallaby, Tiger, Cygnet, Cheetah, Dart Frog, Meerkat, Fossa Cat, Lorikeet.


Zoo Scavenger hunt 2 has clues for:

Orangutan, Parrots, Bats, Armadillo, Anaconda, Chimpanzees, Hyena, Chameleon, Zebra, Naked Mole Rat, Prairie Dog, Komodo Dragon, Antelope, Red Panda.


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