Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Zoo Scavenger HuntWhy a Zoo scavenger hunt?

As far as making it educational, riddle scavenger hunt clues can be used to “classifying” animals, making the players put the ‘clue’ photo into a category like ‘mammals’. You could also make the players categorize clues into countries of origin, or have to find another similar animal and explain why they think it is similar. I remember doing this with my school; we all had a great time!


Our scavenger hunts are provided as PDF downloads. The PDF is divided into easily cut-able clues:

Photo Scavenger Hunts: We provide you with a PDF list of photograph challenges.

Riddle Scavenger Hunts: We provide a PDF list of clues that will guide you to objects.

Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge Clues | Only $4.99

Zoo Riddle Clue Scavenger Hunt 1 | Only $4.99

Zoo Riddle Clue Scavenger Hunt 2 | Only $4.99

* Zoo Scavenger hunt 1 has clues for:

Polar Bear, Lion, Giraffes, Koala, Gorilla, Rhino, Wallaby, Tiger, Cygnet, Cheetah, Dart Frog, Meerkat, Fossa Cat, Lorikeet.

* Zoo Scavenger hunt 2 has clues for:

Orangutan, Parrots, Bats, Armadillo, Anaconda, Chimpanzees, Hyena, Chameleon, Zebra, Naked Mole Rat, Prairie Dog, Komodo Dragon, Antelope, Red Panda.


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