Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

It is Easter again and for most kids, this means ‘HOLIDAY!!!


However, for parents, Easter often means STRESS!


Why not make this Easter a fun day for your friends and family, by having your very own Easter egg scavenger hunt.




Our scavenger hunts are provided as PDF downloads. The PDF is divided into easily cut-able clues:

Photo Scavenger Hunts: We provide you with a PDF list of photograph challenges.

Riddle Scavenger Hunts: We provide a PDF list of clues that will guide you to objects.

Easter Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt for Children | Only $4.99

Easter Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt for Adults | Only $4.99

Easter Riddle Scavenger Hunt for Children | Only $4.99

Items covered for this Riddle Easter egg scavenger hunt are: 

Eggs, Nests, Basket, Easter Dresses, Peeps, Grass, Flowers, Chocolate, Shell, Dye, Duck, Sunday, Pot, Chicken, Candy, Cross.


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