Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger HuntIt is Easter again and for most kids, this means ‘HOLIDAY!!!‘ However, for parents, Easter often means STRESS!

Many people – both religious and non-religious – celebrate Easter every year. It’s a nice time to hang out with your family and to eat some rabbit shaped chocolate. But there’s more to this well-liked holiday than meets the eye! In many circles it’s traditional for there to be a yearly Easter scavenger hunt.

It fits well with the story behind Easter, too! The idea of an Easter Bunny coming into your home and hiding chocolate is ingrained into our societal mythology, much like Santa Claus leaving presents for children on Christmas. It might sound silly, but it’s one of those things we repeat to ourselves for fun. And – just as many adults still write “from Santa” on gifts they give to one another – many people still like to hide things on Easter, claim that a giant rabbit did it, and host an Easter scavenger hunt for old times’ sake.


Easter Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt for Children


Easter Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt for Adults


Easter Riddle Scavenger Hunt for Children


Items covered for this Riddle Easter egg scavenger hunt are: 

Eggs, Nests, Basket, Easter Dresses, Peeps, Grass, Flowers, Chocolate, Shell, Dye, Duck, Sunday, Pot, Chicken, Candy, Cross.



Hosting an Easter Scavenger Hunt:


Knowing What to Hide

In the traditional stories of the Easter Bunny the thing that is usually said to be hidden is eggs. This might lead you to think that you should hide eggs on Easter so that you can mirror the plot of the holiday, but you need to be careful with doing so. Real eggs can cause a lot of complications when you’re hiding them around your home or your property in general. You need to make sure you keep careful count of how many are hidden, which ones are found, and where unfound eggs still are at the end of the Easter scavenger hunt. If you don’t keep careful track of all of this and you manage to lose an egg somewhere then it will eventually begin to rot. If you have ever smelt rotting eggs then you know that this is a terrible occurrence. Should you insist upon hiding real eggs then consider dying them festive colors beforehand. It’s an Easter tradition and it will make any children involved more interested in hunting them down. In fact, it makes them easier to see as well, so it might just save you from the aforementioned scent.


Alternatives to eggs mostly consist of egg shaped things. Egg shaped chocolates are popular, as are plastic eggs with money or candy placed inside of them. These are great options because they won’t smell terrible if your Easter scavenger hunt doesn’t end in complete success.

Of course, you can use our riddle clues to lead to all these hidden eggs, only providing new clues upon completion, or hiding the clues with the prizes.


Make this Easter different!

If the traditional or riddle egg hunts are not enough, we have also created some wonderful photo challenger scavenger hunt clues. These create some wonderful memories and pictures for families to hold onto long after Easter has passed. The challenges get teams into all kinds of funny situations!


Our scavenger hunts are provided as PDF downloads.

The PDF is divided into easily cut-able clues:

Photo Scavenger Hunts: PDF list of photograph challenges.

Riddle Scavenger Hunts: PDF list of clues that will guide you to objects.